March 28, 2022 • Workplace5 min read

Ramadan 2022: How to support your colleagues | Just Eat for Business

Ramadan begins at the sighting of the new moon, which this year is Saturday 2nd April. It's the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, and it's a month of prayers, meditation, forgiveness, and giving. During the month, Muslims eat
at Suhoor (before sunrise) and break fast at Iftar (sunset). 

During Ramadan, meals with friends and family, gatherings at Iftar, community prayers and community feeding initiatives are all given more focus during this month. Eid  is the big celebration which marks the end of the Ramadan month. Families and friends get together, visit mosques to pray together, exchange presents, wear their finest clothes and donate to those in need. 

Some of your colleagues will be taking part in Ramadan, so why not check out these great tips that Zabardast shared with us last year on how to support your colleagues throughout the month?

Make time for colleagues to perform their prayers

Of course, this goes without saying, but make sure colleagues have the time and an appropriate place to perform prayers. 

Be sympathetic if they appear ‘hangry’

Muslims must adapt themselves both physically and emotionally during this long month of fasting. A typical day of fasting begins with getting up early, around 4:30 a.m. and sharing a meal called sahur together before the fast begins at dawn, about 5:10 a.m. So by the time work begins, they'll likely be feeling the effects already!

If you can, avoid eating or drinking in their presence

While we normally encourage team lunches and get-togethers, it will be difficult for your colleagues who are taking part in Ramadan to see everyone enjoying a big lunch when they're unable to take part! You could try to take your lunch at different times, and if the weather is nice, why not head outside instead of eating at your desk? 

Where possible, try to allow flexibility in morning start times as they might have gone to sleep after sunrise (Suhoor) 

If you offer a flexible working pattern, give employees the option to come into the office a little later, or work from home where possible. Scheduling meetings for the afternoon rather than in the morning can help too!

If you're ordering food for the team, or want to send a special pantry package home, choose options from Halal vendors

Making sure that food is Halal can take some extra stress off of colleagues taking part in Ramadan, and means they can enjoy treats and meals with colleagues too - it's as simple as that! 

Offer high-protein foods that help keep people fuller for longer

High-protein options are great for helping the team feel satiated. Pairing that with slow-release carbs like quinoa and healthy fats make for a well-balanced meal that's great for maintaining  fullness! Tip: Avoid foods high in salt as these can make you thirsty.