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The Secret Formula to Productivity | Just Eat for Business

Productivity is essential to every business. It’s a determiner of success, and it’s becoming all the more important to business leaders to ensure that we’re all performing to our full productivity potential.

The concept of ‘productivity’ may seem like some vague notion of effective working, but there’s actually a relatively simple way to simmer it down into a somewhat ‘scientific’ formula made up of simple elements. At Just Eat for Business, our research determined some of the most important factors that affect productivity - time management, focus, health and well-being, and motivation.

21st September 2023 • • team Continue Reading
Team Treats for Wimbledon 2023 | Just Eat for Business

It wouldn't be a Wimbledon celebration without a spot of afternoon tea, some summery cocktails and of course strawberries and cream!

20th June 2023 • • team
National Pet Day 2023 | Just Eat for Business

National Pet Day takes place on 11th April, so we wanted you to meet some of Just Eat for Business' very own furry friends/ honorary team members!

11th April 2023 • • team