July 24, 2023 • • 5 min read

Tips for hosting your Office Summer Party | Just Eat for Business

We've still got a whole month of summer ahead of us - which means plenty of time to throw a summer social for your teams! Whether you want to congratulate your employees on a great year so far, or simply bring the team together to catch up, you'll want to make the occasion one to remember. 

You might be in the mood to go all out and throw a full-on party, or maybe a more chilled, low-key event sounds better. Whatever event you're planning to host, we've gathered together a few of our top tips to make your summer social a success. 

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Make sure your invites easy to manage

No one wants to be rifling through their post, trying to remember where they placed their invite! Stick to an email - it's a much easier way to keep track of who's coming, make a note of people's dietary requirements, and it's a better way to update people on party details! 

Location, Location, Location

You'll want to choose a place that suits as many of your team as possible. That might be a bit of a challenge, but keep in mind transport links (and rail strikes) and accessibility.

If your office has enough space, or you're lucky enough to have access to an outdoor area, why not keep your event in-house? You'll save time and money, and your teams will feel more comfortable to stay for as long as they fancy, rather than feeling obliged to stay for the whole event. 


Party etiquette 101: Food and drinks! 

Let's be honest, what is a party without tasty food and drinks?! Food provides a shared moment between colleagues, and you want to make this social event the best it can be! Consider canapés, snacks, or 'hand-held' food - no one wants to be sitting down to a formal three course meal while they're right in the middle of socialising!

If you want to keep the social and communal aspects when it comes to feeding your teams. you could  host an in-office pop-up! There are tons of options on offer, from personalised cocktails to vegan cookie dough, live sushi making to bespoke grazing tables - we have something for teams of any size!

Tip: Don't forget to include food options that fit with people's dietary needs and allergens, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. 

Consider your WFH teams

There will be people who can't make it to your social, so you could send out some treats for them to enjoy at home. These letterbox brownies make a great choice for those celebrating from afar! 

Include a group activity 

Group activities can make or break a team social event. If you choose a good one, they're a fantastic way to help people bond and introduce people who wouldn't normally chat to each other. If you pick a bad one, it'll be all anyone remembers about the evening.

When it comes to entertainment and activities, consider the whole team ask yourself what would be fun, unique and would get everyone involved. You could do a team quiz, decorate cupcakes, present your own awards, have a cocktail making class, host drag bingo, do a scavenger hunt... the options are endless! 


Don't forget to celebrate!

Organising and running a company event can be stressful, but at the end of the day, you're there to celebrate your hard work with your colleagues - remember to enjoy it! Summer socials will have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and will boost team morale, which strengthens the company bond as a whole - so you're winning all round!