Office Food Ordering Trends 2022

In 2022, the world reopened and businesses saw their office populations rise once again. Group meetings, team socials and office lunches are in full swing, so we wanted to discover more about teams’ ordering habits and trends now that we’re back in the office.

We know that food perks play a big role in maintaining positive company culture. Providing a shared moment between colleagues, food can be the social glue that brings people together, both physically and symbolically.Whether it’s providing lunch in the office for employees, sending morale-boosting treats to enjoy at home or keeping meetings fueled with brain-boosting snacks, food perks are an easy way for organisations to provide parity to their in-office and at-home workers seamlessly.

Now that many companies are working under a hybrid model, we gathered data which reveals London offices' ordering trends so far this year. 

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