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From local caterers to the nation’s biggest names, we partner with all kinds of vendor partners, delivering their food to offices all over the UK.

Open your kitchen up to all new customers by partnering with us today. 

5 million

Meals delivered


Vendor partners


People fed every week


Companies who order every week

Why Just Eat for Business?

We have a marketplace of over 600 vendor partners, delivering their food to corporate customers across the UK.


Receive high value orders

Just Eat for Business is a B2B food delivery platform, so our customers order big - £300 on average!


Reach new customers

We feed more than 30,000 people every week, so you can open your kitchen to all these new customers.


Orders that work for you

Set your own notice period and get notified about orders as far in advance as your business needs.


Day-to-day support

From setting up your menu to receiving more orders, our dedicated support team will work with you to get the most out of Just Eat for Business.


Deliveries you can rely on

With Just Eat for Business, you get access to a fleet of professional drivers who make sure your food arrives fresh and on time to our customers.




Easy online ordering

Our website makes ordering food from your kitchen as easy as eating it - so you can get more customers, more often. 

How it works

Cart 1
Our customers place their order via our website
Chat 2
You'll receive all the order details via email and SMS
Delivery 3
Our drivers pick up and deliver your food
Money 4
You get paid from us on the same day each month

Frequently asked questions

What does Just Eat for Business do?

We started Just Eat for Business to do food at work the right way. We partner with the best restaurants and caterers, then deliver their food straight to offices all over the UK.

What can Just Eat for Business offer my business?

We feed more than 50,000 people every single week, meaning we can help your business reach more people and increase your sales. Our reliable delivery service makes sure your food arrives fresh and on time to our customers, and we offer day-to-day support so you can always get the most out of Just Eat for Business.

How are food partners featured on Just Eat for Business?

Customers who use the Just Eat for Business website can see all the restaurants and caterers near them. We also personalise our food recommendations for customers as we get to know what they love.

How do I submit my menu?

When your application has been reviewed and we’ve received a signed Partnership Agreement, we’ll send you a menu template where you can tell us the dishes, prices and dietaries of your menu. We’ll then add the menu for you and tell you how to edit menu items or ingredients yourself. 

How do menu prices work?

You decide how to price your menus, but your Just Eat for Business menu prices can’t be higher than your current in-restaurant prices. We have a price promise with our customers that guarantees they won’t be able to find your food cheaper anywhere else. 

What is the commission fee?

You’ll pay a commission fee on each order a customer places with your business on Just Eat for Business. We apply the commission fee to the subtotal of each order, and you’ll be paid the order subtotal minus the commission fee on the 24th of every month. 

If I sign the Partnership Agreement, am I locked into Just Eat for Business?

You can cancel your partnership with Just Eat for Business at any time by contacting us at

How long until I can start taking orders?

We try to help our food partners get up and running on Just Eat for Business as quickly as possible. We’ll review your application and get back to you in a few business days to take you through the next steps. 

What is the delivery distance for Just Eat for Business?

Typically, our delivery distances for most food partners is a 2-mile radius for hot food and a 2.5-mile radius for cold food, but this may change depending on factors unique to each business. The main goal is to ensure that every customer receives your food fresh and as quickly as possible. 

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