Download the Just Eat for Business Nation’s Desk-eating Habits Whitepaper

Here at Just Eat for Business, we think it's crucial to get a full understanding of the UK’s eating habits - specifically in the workplace.

To help gather this insight, we’ve conducted a survey of over 2,000 UK-based office workers to identify how much employees prioritise eating well in the workplace and what would encourage them to be healthier whilst at work.

Our research shows that a huge 62% of employees believe their workplace makes no conscious effort to encourage them to be fitter or healthier at work, yet almost a third (32%) said that incentives from their employer would improve their eating and exercise habits whilst at work.

The report also shows that:

  • On average, office workers spend 41.57% of their lunch break at their desk each working day
  • 71% of employees do not do any form of exercise during their office lunch break
  • Almost a third (32%) agree that they often feel sluggish at work
To get a full understanding of how employees in your sector can be best encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle at work, download the full whitepaper today.
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