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 Take the hassle out of ordering food regularly for your team!
Request a callback and we'll walk through how a Meal Plan could work for you and your team
  • Order your entire month's catering in a couple of clicks

  • Tell us what your team loves and we'll suggest a catering plan from London's best pop-up, chefs, restaraunts, and street-vendors

  • Amend orders throughout the month with our easy to use online tool

Take a look at the food first


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How It Works

1. Dicover


Lets us know the things your team love to eat

Let us recommend similar food vendors

2. Order


One click ordering
Place a whole month’s orders in one go

Easily edit orders
Review and change orders throughout the month

3. Share


Share the menu
Show the team what’s coming up

Easily collect
feedback after meals

4. Repeat


Order again quickly
in one click and based on what your team love to eat

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