March 29, 2023 • • 5 min read

Stress Awareness Month 2023: Our report | Just Eat for Business

Last year, we produced a report on stress at work. It revealed the impact of stress on employees, and how businesses can support their teams when they experience stress at work.

In 2021/2022, over 17 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety or depression. Having to contend with a global pandemic and the subsequent shift to hybrid work, workplace stress levels reached their peak as people navigated an entirely new way of working. 

Despite things now feeling more normal, with many companies back in the office working under a hybrid structure, employees are still finding it hard to maintain a work-life balance. Last year, we surveyed over 300 UK employees to discover how they feel about stress at work, and what employers can do to help their teams. 

Stress is a company wide issue, and businesses should be proactive when it comes to managing stress in the workplace. Tools and provisions that focus on prevention or early intervention, such as regular check-ins and wellbeing support, is key to managing stress at work.

Below are some of our key findings - to access the full report, you can download it here

Stress at work

What do Just Eat for Business do to help their employees? 

We believe we need to listen to what employees want and make this into a reality. From offering subsidised lunches in the office, to access to treats while working from home with Just Eat Pay, to the opportunity to work flexibly, we provide initiatives that keep morale high. We invest in a range of perks - ones that benefit people individually as well as social activities that help bring teams together.