April 3, 2023 • Wellbeing2 min read

5 ways to minimise stress in the workplace | Just Eat for Business

Work is the most common cause of stress for UK adults, so it is important for employers to establish supportive measures to help employees feel less stressed.

Stress is an increasingly common problem in the workplace that costs employers a significant amount of money every year. In 2021/2022, over 17 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety or depression.

In a post-pandemic, hybrid working world, it's key to create a stress-free work environment that considers the well-being of all employees.

Discover some of the ways you can help support your employees while they're working in the office, or from home.


Physical Activity

Get moving! Exercise is proven to be one of the most effective and immediate ways to release stress and is all around good for you! Added benefit: Bonding with teammates.

Exercise does not only reduce stress, but also improves alertness and concentration leading to better focus and higher productivity. Employers should make it as easy as possible for employees to exercise regularly. Encourage walking meetings and make sure people have time to get outside during lunch. If space allows, you could offer standing desks or mental health and exercise benefits like discounted gym memberships or yoga classes.

Allow for PTO

People can feel a bit guilty when taking time off from work. Offer incentives for them to actually use it and respect their time off to let them fully unplug and recharge.

Having lots of great benefits and programs is a great start. Be a leader and practice what you preach by taking days off for yourself and making use of new work-wellness benefits. People look to their peers and superiors for what behaviour is acceptable in the workplace, so if leaders show that prioritising health is important and it's okay to take advantage of PTO and benefit programs, the rest of the team are more likely to follow suit.

Make them feel valued

Employees that feel understood and supported at work tend to be more loyal to their employer and are more productive at work. Find ways to vocalise appreciation of your employees and value their presence and achievements with small rewards, acknowledgements, celebratory drinks or a handwritten card.

Schedule around life

Flexible working hours have never been more popular since the pandemic, with everyone working towards a better work-life balance. Flexible hours are needed to accommodate people's schedules for things that don't always fit outside of working hours. Show your support by allowing flexible working hours where possible - a little understanding goes a long way! 

Healthy diet

Food can make a huge difference in someone's well-being. Here at Just Eat for Business, we partner with lots of restaurants that understand the importance of a healthy, balanced meal. Do yourself (and your health) a favour by adding some of them into your lunch order rotation to feel your absolute best!