November 9, 2021 • • 5 min read

Top tips for hosting hybrid work celebrations and events this holiday season | Just Eat for Business

Below are some tips and tricks for running a great hybrid celebration event!


After a tough year, the idea of celebrating any and all occasions with our teams is bound to be exciting. While many of us are getting used to the hybrid way of working, the opportunity to run a hybrid celebration event is a fairly new one - so when it comes to planning celebrations, this might sound a bit tricky. 

Restrictions are lifted and it means that we can all gather together and celebrate in person, but what if some people aren’t comfortable to do that yet? Sure, last year all events were 100% virtual, and we managed to make that work - but how do you combine the best of both event styles in this new way of living?

Before we get started, we should define what a hybrid event is. A hybrid event is exactly what it sounds like: An event that combines live, in-person elements with virtual ones. Best of all, hybrid events open up new possibilities when it comes to celebrating festivities with your teams. 

Before you start your hybrid celebrations, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure of. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic - we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll give you some hints and tips so you’re fully equipped to organise some fab hybrid celebrations this festive season!

  • Get the tech right 


As you probably already know, good technology is the key to a successful virtual event - and that goes for hybrid events too. For the people who are dialling in from home, you’ll need a decent video-calling platform like Google Hangouts or Zoom, and for those partying in the office, you’ll need a good set of speakers for those festive tunes, and a strong internet connection to tie the at-home and in-office groups together. 

  • Plan activities that’ll work for both groups

  • Whether it’s cupcake decorating or cocktail making, you’ll want to find an activity that can bring your teams together, no matter where they are. With options like DIY at-home kits, team quizzes and live music, you can connect everyone and make sure they have a good time - with a bonus if there’s something edible they can enjoy at the end of it! 

  • Make the perks equal for WFH and in-office teams 


The aim of a hybrid celebration should be to bring your teams together in every way that you can. So for example, if you’re ordering in a selection of delicious pizzas for your in-office colleagues, make sure your teams at home can access a similar benefit. We suggest giving them an allowance to order their own food in from their favourite local restaurant. 

  • Make the most of your time together


After another tough year, your colleagues will want to make the most of any reason to celebrate. A hybrid event is a great excuse to mix things up! To keep all partygoers engaged, why not use video call breakout rooms and encourage those in the office to jump on too. You could also put people together who wouldn’t usually work together, so that everyone gets to know someone new. 


Ultimately, celebrating special occasions while teams are both in the office and working from home is a great way of rewarding their hard work, sharing experiences, and ensuring that personal connections survive and thrive.

At Just Eat for Business, we're on a mission to make working lives better, whether that's in the office or while teams work from home. Our flexible food solutions are set up to make hybrid work perks as simple and exciting as possible! So, if you want to treat both your in-office and remote workers to something tasty, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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