September 12, 2023 • News5 min read

Introducing Carbon Labelling | Just Eat for Business

We want to do our part to make food at work more sustainable. That’s why we’re taking part in the next phase of Just Eat's Carbon Labelling trial!

  • We're working with over 10 restaurant partners in London to trial carbon labelling, to help increase awareness of the carbon impact of food at work. The trial builds on Just Eat’s previous work on carbon labelling, with a new focus on corporate customers.

  • The next phase of the trial will help show companies how they can make more climate conscious choices with the food they're ordering for their employees, as well as helping restaurant partners to understand the environmental impact of the food they are offering team members. 

  • The trial is scheduled to last three months, where we'll be working with My Emissions, a leading provider of food carbon calculations and labelling, to calculate the carbon emissions from each of the main dishes. These calculations will then be used to display a carbon label next to each main menu item on the website, informing businesses on the impact of carbon emissions in food.
  • As part of the partnership with My Emissions, we will be funding the trial for independent restaurants. This trial will build on Just Eat’s previous carbon labelling trial to help the business and participating restaurant partners understand the impact carbon labelling has on consumer behaviour and will test how scalable carbon labelling is for future roll-outs.

Our recent carbon impact survey shows the importance of strong sustainable values within businesses, with 91% of employees* saying that their business’ values play an important part in their employee wellbeing. Nearly half of respondents also said that they consider the environmental impact of the food they’re ordering into the office every time.

Matt Ephgrave, Managing Director at Just Eat for Business: Exploring ways to minimise our environmental impact remains an important topic for us, and we believe extending this to also support our independent restaurant partners on their sustainability journey is key. Through this carbon labelling trial, we aim to help our restaurant partners better understand the carbon impact that their food options have whilst also empowering workers to make more climate conscious food decisions."

Matthew Isaacs, Co-Founder of My Emissions: “We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Just Eat into the next phase of their carbon labelling trial. Just Eat for Business offers another opportunity to learn more about how our carbon labels can impact a variety of customers' choices and increase awareness of the impact of carbon emissions in the food industry.”

Aadit Shankar, Founder & Director of Atcha:  “We’re really pleased to be involved in this project to learn more about the carbon impact of the ingredients in our food as well as supporting our customers in making more climate conscious food choices. It will also help us gain insights into the preferences of our customers, as we know that they value transparency when it comes to sustainability.”

*Carbon Impact Survey conducted by Just Eat for Business surveyed 127 London-based employees in August 2023. 

Discover the restaurants that are taking part below, and for more information, click here.