March 28, 2024 • Food5 min read

Joe & The Juice: New Office Food Favourites have arrived | Just Eat for Business

Joe & The Juice provides healthy office lunches and nutritious juices, but never at the expense of taste.

Joe & The Juice has extended their menu on the Just Eat for Business platform, and we're in love with the new options! 

As well as bundles of pastries and sandwiches which are perfect for team gatherings, Joe & The Juice offers a tantalising array of options designed to power you through the day! Whether you're looking to fuel up for a busy morning of meetings or are just craving a flavour-packed afternoon snack, there's a range of options for every time of day - no matter what you choose, the whole team will enjoy what Joe & The Juice has to offer. 

For a productivity boost, grab one of Joe & The Juice's new protein shakes, like the Big Matcha Energy. Packed with plenty of healthy fibre and skin-loving collagen, it'll get you back on your feet in a flash. 

matcha shake

Fancy a protein-packed breakfast? The new Eggcado is made up of breakfast bread, tomato, sriracha, avocado, and egg mousse - those healthy fats will also help keep you full til lunch. 


Don't forget the classics! The hugely popular Tunacado sandwich will be a great lunchtime staple for the team, featuring Joe's Classic Bread, tomato, avocado, vegan pesto and tuna. 



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