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Convince your boss to throw an office Xmas party

Does your boss need a bit of a nudge? Check out our top tips to convince your boss why the team needs an office Christmas party, brought to you by Just Eat for Business. 

'Tis almost the season of the office Christmas party. A magical time when bosses loosen their purse strings and bring the whole team together for a huge end of year celebration. 

But what if your boss is thinking about saving the money this year? Well, apart from the sheer fun and revelry, throwing an office Christmas party actually comes with numerous advantages for the business itself. So if your boss needs a nudge, here's some foolproof tips from the team at Just Eat for Business to convince them that the idea of an office Christmas party in London is their best one yet. 

Happy workers are productive workers

By late autumn, summer suddenly feels like eons ago, and everyone is in dire need of a morale boost. Slaving away in the office day after day can lead to a lack of motivation with nothing to look forward to on the horizon.

A study carried out by the University of Warwick actually proved that happy workers are 12% more productive, and that can only be a good thing for any business. Which boss doesn't want its employees to accomplish more in less time? Arranging a Christmas office party that gets everyone away from their desk, even if just for a while, is a great way to refresh the team and prep them for new challenges ahead.

Saying thank you is actually better than a raise

While a Christmas party might seem like a needless expense in the eyes of some of your management team, the payoff is greater than you'd think. We all know that keeping costs down is high on every manager's agenda, so the news from Psychology Today that 70% of workers actually value recognition and appreciation for the work they do over receiving a pay rise could pave the way to a 'yes' for your festive party request.

What better way to prove to the team that they're valued than by giving them an opportunity to let their hair down and relax at the company's expense? And on the flip side, the company gets to be generous and fun while actually saving the company money. 

The importance of team building

Team building and community bonding have become big ticket items in recent years, with companies from New York to London spending small fortunes on activity weekends and courses for their staff. That's because team building is the most important investment a company can make, as it leads to greater employee engagement.

Plus, getting employees out of the workplace and into an environment where they can communicate as equals is a great way to create a positive workplace culture. Convince your boss that a Christmas office party is an even better (and cheaper) alternative to zip lining in the Welsh valleys!

Keep your staff onside

In today's highly competitive market, staff are always on the lookout for the best possible deal. It's a no-brainer that skilled workers are going to be tempted to move their services to a company that offers better perks for their employees, so convince your boss that they need to stay ahead of the competition unless they want the hassle of having to constantly recruit and train new staff members.

Offering employee perks like office parties plays a big factor in attracting high calibre talent, with research carried out by Glassdoor showing that 57% of job seekers rate benefits and perks among their main considerations when applying for positions. If your boss wants the best possible team for the job, they need to think about offering fun activities that encourage workers to remain loyal... Like an office Christmas party, perhaps?

Already convinced the boss? Well, check out how Just Eat for Business have your Christmas office catering all wrapped up.

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