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Designing Future-Proof Offices | Just Eat for Business

What features should be included in offices of the future?

The traditional office, a once well-known and standardised environment, has transformed significantly over the last few years. The growing need for flexibility has meant that businesses need to get creative with how they are utilising their brick-and-mortar workspaces. This involves making the office a place people want to visit instead of having to visit. But what does designing an office for the future look like? Discover our top 3 takeaways:

20th February 2024 • 3 min read • featured Continue Reading
Workplace Wellbeing: A Cornerstone of Future Offices | Just Eat for Business

The first in our 'Future of Work' series, this blog post examines how the significance of workplace wellbeing has undergone a dramatic evolution.

23rd January 2024 • • featured
Health(ier) nutritious food for you and your office | Just Eat for Business

itsu are back! Enjoy fresh, nutritious meals packed full of delicious, sustainably sourced ingredients.

5th October 2023 • • featured
The Secret Formula to Productivity | Just Eat for Business

Productivity is essential to every business. It’s a determiner of success, and it’s becoming all the more important to business leaders to ensure that we’re all performing to our full productivity potential.

21st September 2023 • • featured
Virtual Just Eat Pay Cards have arrived! | Just Eat for Business

Just Eat Pay, the flexible employee benefits solution, now includes the option to have virtual Just Eat Pay cards.

14th August 2023 • • featured
Italian Dishes your Office will Love | Just Eat for Business

Italian food is where it's at this Summer - get the team onboard!

18th July 2023 • • featured
Updated Product Feature: Top Picks | Just Eat for Business

Our latest product update includes improvements to make our Top Picks filter even better!

28th June 2023 • • featured
The Future of The Office | Just Eat for Business

We surveyed 200 UK employees to better understand their views on workplace wellbeing and the impact of work-related stress.

26th June 2023 • • featured
Speedy Summer Lunches: Our Top Picks | Just Eat for Business

15th June 2023 • • featured
LEON's New Menu Items Bring the Sunshine! | Just Eat for Business

LEON is serving up sunshine in a box with these new menu items - your office will love these!

30th May 2023 • • featured
Summer Celebrations you Won't Want to Miss | Just Eat for Business

25th May 2023 • • featured
Transport yourself to Mexico: Wahaca is here! | Just Eat for Business

Enjoy fresh and vibrant street food dishes inspired by the markets of Mexico

23rd May 2023 • • featured
PAUL UK is here - Discover our faves! | Just Eat for Business

PAUL UK has become a much-loved staple when it comes to our breakfasts, lunches and sweet treats - that's why we're delighted to welcome them to the platform!

18th May 2023 • • featured
Get ahead with your Summer Party | Just Eat for Business

We've got everything you need to get ahead!

11th May 2023 • • featured
Zia Lucia: Top Menu Picks | Just Eat for Business

Zia Lucia produces light, delicious pizzas - they even make 4 types of 48-hour slow-risen doughs!

28th April 2023 • • featured
Mental Health Awareness Week 2023: Tips on Supporting Employees | Just Eat for Business

The theme for this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is anxiety. Find out how you can support your teams in this blog post.

27th April 2023 • • featured
New Restaurant Partners that have arrived in Spring | Just Eat for Business

Brand new restaurant partners are here - dig in!

26th April 2023 • • featured
Earth Day 2023: Invest in our Planet | Just Eat for Business

13th April 2023 • • featured
Easter 2023: Office treats to put a spring in your step! | Just Eat for Business

Chicks, bunnies, chocolate eggs… it can only mean one thing: Easter is almost here!

21st March 2023 • • featured
St Patrick's Day 2023: Celebrate with team treats and office pop-ups!

St Patrick's Day is a great opportunity to spend time socialising with the team - make sure you've got some tasty treats to go with the celebrations!

9th March 2023 • • featured
Our Top Team Breakfasts | Just Eat for Business

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - make sure you set the team up right!

23rd February 2023 • • featured
The Best Coqfighter Dishes for your Next Team Lunch | Just Eat for Business

Juicy fried chicken has arrived - grab a burger, wings, loaded fries and more!

21st February 2023 • • featured
International Women's Day 2023: #EmbraceEquity | Just Eat for Business

At Just Eat for Business, we work with a wide range of amazing female owned businesses who create incredible products.

16th February 2023 • • featured
Say Hello to our Newest Restaurant Partners! | Just Eat for Business

The beginning of 2023 has seen some great new vendors arriving onto the platform!

14th February 2023 • • featured
Pancake Day Picks for 2023 | Just Eat for Business

The team will love stacks of delicate crepes, fluffy American pancakes and more...

7th February 2023 • • featured
Our Top Menu Items from YO! | Just Eat for Business

YO! Sushi are the masters of fresh, authentic and delicious Japanese food.

2nd February 2023 • • featured
Valentine's Day 2023: Top Office Treats | Just Eat for Business

The way to your team's hearts is through their stomachs, right?

30th January 2023 • • featured
Veganuary 2023: How to Eat a more Plant-Based Diet all year round | Just Eat for Business

24th January 2023 • • featured
The Benefits of Perks at Work  | Just Eat for Business

Just Eat for Business’ Benefits of Perks at Work report reveals what office workers value when it comes to secondary benefits…

10th January 2023 • • featured
Office Food Trends 2022 | Just Eat for Business

Just Eat for Business’ Office Food Trends research reveals how UK offices were eating throughout 2022.

5th January 2023 • • featured