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The Secret Formula to Productivity | Just Eat for Business

Productivity is essential to every business. It’s a determiner of success, and it’s becoming all the more important to business leaders to ensure that we’re all performing to our full productivity potential.

The concept of ‘productivity’ may seem like some vague notion of effective working, but there’s actually a relatively simple way to simmer it down into a somewhat ‘scientific’ formula made up of simple elements. At Just Eat for Business, our research determined some of the most important factors that affect productivity - time management, focus, health and well-being, and motivation.

21st September 2023 • • hybrid-working Continue Reading
The Future of The Office | Just Eat for Business

We surveyed 200 UK employees to better understand their views on workplace wellbeing and the impact of work-related stress.

26th June 2023 • • hybrid-working
5 ways to minimise stress in the workplace | Just Eat for Business

Work is the most common cause of stress for UK adults, so it is important for employers to establish supportive measures to help employees feel less stressed.

3rd April 2023 • 2 min read • hybrid-working
Corporate Drink Hamper Gifts for Clients | Just Eat for Business

Celebrate the rest of summer with your colleagues and clients by sending them some of our favourite corporate drinks boxes. Choose between a range of delicious alcoholic and soft drinks - suitable for all occasions!

10th August 2021 • • hybrid-working
How to make hybrid working a success for your teams (5 tips)

As a result of the pandemic, working styles have changed for good. There's more of an emphasis on flexibility, with many companies adopting a hybrid approach to work. So, here are our top tips to help you and your teams make it a success, no matter where they're based.

8th June 2021 • • hybrid-working