November 16, 2018 • Workplace2 min read

Five filling and healthy snacks for the office

Here's how to easily stave off the hunger until lunchtime with our top tips for healthy snacks.

We all know the deal. You start the day with the best intentions but by the time it hits 11AM you’ve got that familiar sinking feeling.

So you calculate the exact amount of minutes until lunchtime. You eye up week-old leftovers in the fridge. You seriously consider licking the inside of an empty packet of digestives for any last semblance of nutrition.

Well no more. Because here at Just Eat for Business, we're rounding up the best filling and healthy snack food options for your office, so you can easily stave off the hunger until dinner time. 

Bananas, bananas, bananas 

Cheap. Tasty. Healthy. Bananas come top of the office-snacks pile as one the best all-rounders.

While a lot of fruit will only fill you up for approximately seven minutes, bananas manage to be both satisfying and nutritious so you stay out of the biscuit drawer for a bit longer. And the best bit about bananas? Not only are they a sweet-tasting alternative to sugary snacks, but considering they’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre - bananas are even good for your heart, too.

Dark Chocolate 

Fancy a bit of chocolate? Of course you do - and you're in luck.

While not every chocolate bar will send you to healthful heaven, dark chocolate lacks all the added fat and sugar of classic milk chocolate, and can actually be a healthy treat in moderation. Just make sure it’s over 70 percent cacao, and dark chocolate is even packed with antioxidants to help regulate your levels of stress. Which is a big win-win for the team at Just Eat for Business. 


High in fibre, low in calories and big in satisfaction, popcorn is one of the best healthy snack food options for the office.

Whether it’s the pre-popped variety or a fancy recipe you plan on whipping up yourself - a 30g serving of the stuff usually checks in at less than 100 calories - which gives you a lot to nibble on when you’re on deadline and need something to mindlessly munch on.

Greek yoghurt 

If you’re getting close to sending an all-company email demanding sweets delivered to your office ASAP, you probably need some delicious Greek yoghurt in your life.

Packed with protein, loads of essential vitamins and even calcium, if you avoid all the sugary mix-ins and stick with granola and a few berries - there aren’t many better snacks out there.


If you're constantly craving savoury snacks, tortilla chips may be oh-so-good but they're also oh-so-high on the saturated fat, sugars, and sodium.

Instead, pack a healthier bright snack food like carrots with a side of hummus. The hummus is an excellent substitute for your favourite salty comfort foods, while the veggies still provide the crunchy effect of the chips we all love. 

Now we've got your office snacks sorted, shall we also take care of your lunch? Just Eat for Business deliver London's best restaurants, caterers and street food vendors straight to your office, all for the same price as going direct.

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