August 21, 2018 • Workplace3 min read

Bringing your team together when there's no space

Big ideas for small office spaces from the team at Just Eat for Business.

We know that collaboration is key to company success, but what happens if you’re stuck with next-to-no room in the office? Fear not, as we bring you four big ideas for small office spaces – not an extra square foot necessary.

Go offsite

Renting modern workspaces from office-sharing platforms like WeWork or Breather for away days or workshops is an exciting way to bring your team together outside of your four walls – and get some big ideas out of it. Whether you need a place for hours, days, or even months, it’s all yours for the taking.

Think outside the social box

More often than not, you can’t beat good old-fashioned drinks down the local, but why not set your sights a little further afield for your next social? Take it from us – our Yin yoga session in the park showered us with some much-needed zen, and we’re still reeling from the dizzying (not to mention completely dignified) duets at the Just Eat for Business karaoke night out. 

Embrace online chat

Ah, technology. Isn’t it great? Chat clients such as Slack have breathed new life into workplace communication, transforming instant messenger into a the-more-the-merrier medium that brings the whole company together in one very enjoyable-to-use network (with a few emojis and gifs thrown in for good measure). We recommend setting up channels that cater to both work and play, as well as bringing bots on board – we’re big fans of Donut, an integration that sets up automated coffee or lunch dates for your team to get to know one another. 

Fuel togetherness with food

It's a no-brainer; calories equal conversation. Food is the key to everyone's hearts, and enjoying shared experiences like eating together is a key way to get team spirit to skyrocket. Stir activity by introducing a monthly breakfast or weekly lunch into your communal area, and if you're really stretched for space? The simple gesture of some sweet treats delivered to a spare desk is sure to get an office buzz brewing. That's where we come in! 

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