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How to organise the perfect office celebration

Bring your office together with these five easy tips, brought to you by the Just Eat for Business team.

The office day-to-day is a lot of work. But with all that work comes time to celebrate. 

Birthdays. Christmas. Company celebrations. They come round thick and fast, so to make sure you nail every office party, here's our five tips for the perfect office celebration. 

Pick the right venue

Obviously, birthdays, small victories and end of month targets are going to be right there in the office, or perhaps you're going down to the local pub. Otherwise, think about getting a unique venue to complement whatever you're celebrating: we'd recommend partnering up with VenueScanner to pick out your perfect site.

Pop up with something new

Drinks, dinners, or dinners with drinks are always nice, it's true. But there's much more that can be done with a celebration, especially if you're celebrating something within an individual team. Bring in a yakitori station or a Scottish whisky tasting, hassle-free — no need to head out of the office when you can bring something unique right to your door.

Take it personally

Birthday treats make everybody feel special, and they're a great way to bring the whole office together to celebrate a special day. However — not everyone loves cake, and not everyone can even eat it: tucking into a birthday cake with eggs or gluten will ruin your vegan or coeliac birthday faster than you can say cake. Check in if you can on people's dietary requirements, and on their tastes: being surprised with their favourite food or a personalised, customised cake or doughnut will make that special day even more... special.

Experience is everything

Like we said, it's rare that dinners or drinks will go down badly, especially if there's a pop-up involved. But there's more on offer than the usual. Just Eat for Business's connections with London's best restaurants means inside knowledge on experiences, classes and special days that can make for the perfect special celebration treat. Pasta making? Sourdough? Haggis? Drop us an email and we can help to sort something out.

Get the food and drink right

It's the easy way to make any celebration tick: it's food. Order pizza in for a Friday to celebrate target; make lunch extra special for someone's last day; brand up some cupcakes and meringues for your office anniversary. There's a whole world of food out there from London's best restaurants, you know where to go to find it.

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