January 11, 2021 • Vegan5 min read

Meet the vendor: Lucky Saint

To celebrate Dry January, we caught up with Luke Boase, founder of Lucky Saint, an award-winning 0.5% ABV unfiltered lager available for home delivery through our Pantry Packages service.

  1. It's January, which means that many people around the UK are attempting to give up booze as part of Alcohol Change UK's month-long campaign Dry January. So, what better time than now to sit down (virtually) with the founder of popular 0.5% ABV lager brand Lucky Saint?

  2. But first, here are just a few reasons why you and your teams might want to take part in Dry January this year, according to Alcohol Change UK:

  3. - 70% of people sleep better

  4. - 86% of people save money

  5. - 65% of peole notice generally improved health

  6. Feeling motivated? Then let's learn all about award-winning lager Lucky Saint, now available for your teams to enjoy at home.

  7. What’s the story behind Lucky Saint?

Before Lucky Saint, I had always felt that the idea of an alcohol-free beer was compelling, but the reality was disappointing. I couldn’t find an alcohol-free beer that I enjoyed drinking or a brand that made me feel good about choosing to drink a no/low option. So I thought how hard can it be?!

Brewing a delicious Pilsner-style lager at 0.5% ABV proved trickier than I had initially thought. I ended up spending two years travelling across three countries before I found a brewer who shared the same goals as me and who had the unique equipment we needed to brew a 0.5% lager, full of body and flavour. After some trial and error and a little bit of luck, the Lucky Saint recipe was born.

  1. 2020 was a really challenging year for the food and drinks industry. How did your business adapt?

March was a huge adaptation period for the team here at Lucky Saint. When we went into full lockdown on March 23rd and the whole of the on-trade had to close, we lost 70% of our volume overnight. 

We reacted extremely quickly and pivoted the team to ensure we could meet consumer demand as behaviours shifted. We transformed the E-Commerce side of our business as a priority and have subsequently seen +1200% growth in 2020. We also moved with intent into the off-trade, securing important listings such as Majestic and Ocado, extending our distribution into Sainsbury’s and finally launching in Tesco. 

  1. Why is Lucky Saint a great option for the New Year?

Whether you’re doing Dry January, want a booze-free night in or are simply looking for a great tasting beer, Lucky Saint has got you covered. One bottle contains just 53 calories, is low in sugar and vegan. 

  1. What do you have planned for Lucky Saint in 2021?

It’s been an extraordinary year, and we feel fortunate to have grown our team and meet the huge demand for Lucky Saint. We have some transformational plans for Lucky Saint in 2021. We can’t wait to further grow our national draught listings and see our beer being poured in the on-trade, once people can visit pubs and bars again. We also want to find a home for our team of 16 so we can all spend more time together. Our journey to become the defining, alcohol-free lager brand is well underway. Bring on 2021!

Would you like to order some luscious 0.5% lagers for your remote teams this Dry January? Just get in touch with your Account Manager or email foodguru@citypantry.com and your colleagues will be cracking open a cold one in no time! 🍻