January 5, 2021 • Food5 min read

Veganuary while working from home: top tips

For the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have given veganism a go for January. Are you thinking of taking the plant-based plunge this month while you work from home? Here are our top tips for individuals and companies alike.

Since it's launch in 2014, Veganuary has inspired over one million people in 192 countries to go vegan for the first month of the year. Last year alone, more than 400,000 people took part! Whether it's for health reasons, the planet, or just because you love animals, are you hoping to give vegan a go this year?

If so, working from home shouldn't get in your way! Even without a nearby Pret for a veg-packed baguette or the encouragement from your enthusiastic vegan colleagues in the office, trying out a vegan lifestyle while working remotely shouldn't be too much harder. So, we've written down our six top tips to help you out, and few more below to inspire companies that would like to participate this year too.

How to go vegan while working from home

1. Go at your own pace

The past several months have been hard enough without you putting yourself under any unnecessary presure. If you feel ready to go completely plant-based for a month, then do! But if you think you'll struggle giving up cheese or one of your other favourite foods, just take it steady.

Start by replacing certain products in your normal diet with vegan alternatives. Use an oat-based drink in your cereal rather than dairy milk, or buy some vegan sausages for your Saturday fry-up. They're are lots of faux meats and dairy alternatives on the market to help with the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

And if you do slip up or end up diving head-first in a block of cheese half-way through the month, don't worry! Just move past it and try again.

2. Do your research

Switching to a vegan lifestyle is a big change, and it requires preparation and research. You'll need to know how to eat a balanced diet that gives you all the nutrients you require to stay healthy.

Start off by finding out what nutrients your body needs and which vegan food items will give you enough of them. This guide from the NHS is a good place to start. It warns that if you don't plan your diet properly "you could miss out on essential nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and vitamin B12". So, preparation is key!

The Veganuary website also recommends that everyone on a vegan diet should take a vitamin B12 supplement to be sure that they are getting a sufficient amount, as it can be tricky to obtain through plant-based food alone.

Everyone has different dietary needs, so if you need some specific advice about eating a vegan diet, it's best to speak to your doctor about seeing a qualified dietian.

3. Stock up on the essentials

While you're working from home, be sure to stock up on all the plant-based essentials you need to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between!

Here are some vegan essentials to put on your Veganuary shopping list:

- Dried pasta, rice, and bread (most breads are vegan, but just remember to check the ingredients label)

- Fruits and vegetables - the more variety, the better!

- Dairy alternatives like oat, soya, and almond (opt for the barista edition for the perfect frothy coffee)

- Canned tomatoes and passata for an easy pasta sauce or curry base

- Plenty of herbs and spices to give your dishes some pizzazz

- Tofu and meat alternatives to help you switch to a plant-based diet more easily

- Pulses, lugumes, and beans like chickpeas and lentils

- Nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond, and hazelnut are all delicious on toast in the morning)

- Energy bars, crackers, and nuts for nutritious work-from-home snacks

- Any other plant-based goodies that will get you excited for your next meal!

The good news is, most supermarkets in the UK now carry plenty of vegan options so you'll likely be spoilt for choice during your next shop.

4. Learn some new recipes

Someone chopping up veg on a chopping board

If your meals are usually reliant on meat, trying veganism can be a wonderful opportunity to dust off your apron and give some new recipes a whirl.

While meat alternatives are tasty and easy to prepare, try your hand at making some veg-packed recipes too, like curries, stews, soups, and pastas. Start simple and see where it takes you. You never know, you may discover a new-found love for cooking when you start on your vegan journey.

5. Bring the restaurant to your home

While going out to eat delicious vegan food at a restaurant might not be on the table at the moment, the good news is that many eateries have created DIY meal kits that you can make at home.

Whether you fancy a burger, tacos, pasta, or cupcakes, there are loads of vegan-friendly DIY kits out there for you to try this Veganuary and beyond. DIY meal kits are a great way to discover new flavours and dishes without the hassle of spending hours shopping for ingredients and preparing them. The perfect way to end a long week working from home!

If your company is looking to order some plant-based DIY kits for employees, click here to discover some of our tasty vegan kits available for home delivery.

6. Get your colleagues involved

Working from home can be lonely and you may not feel as enthusiastic about challenging yourself to go vegan this January while you're out of the office. So why not rope in some of your colleagues to try Veganuary out together?

You could even ask your company to order some vegan treats through Just Eat for Business for you all to enjoy at home, as well as encouraging each other by sharing recipes you love. Set up a #Veganuary Slack channel for all things plant-based, and you're bound to feel more excited and motivated for the journey ahead!

How can companies get involved this Veganuary?

At Just Eat for Business, we're on a mission to make working lives better through great food - even while offices are closed. This January - and beyond - we have a range of mouth-watering vegan food boxes that companies can send to their work-from-home teams for a little boost, no matter what Tier they're in. So, here's how your company can get involved in Veganuary while teams work from home:

Send your teams some vegan treats

hands breaking apart vegan cookie

Veganism isn't all about the fruit and veg - there are plenty of plant-based sweet treats too. Just look at that gooey, chocolatey cookie from Lovely Buns! Not an animal product in sight, but still 100% delicious.

2020 was a tough year, so be sure to give your teams a much-needed pick-me-up this January while they continue to work from home. Here are just some of our favourite vegan treat boxes, delivered nationwide:

- Cookies and tray bakes from Lovely Buns, a 100% plant-based bakery

- Baked doughnuts, avocado brownies, and chocolate tarts made with natural ingredients by Nummy

- Fudgy brownies from EK Bakery

Keep your colleagues stocked up with plant-based meals

6 plant based ready meals in colourful packaging

Don't let your colleagues fall into the routine of eating the same boring lunches day in, day out. Send them some exciting plant-based ready meals instead, like these chef-prepared frozen meals by PEP Kitchen. They're ready in minutes and offer a nutritionally balanced lunch that's completely vegan!

Get creative with meatless DIY meal kits

Dirty Bones vegan burger

Looking for a fun, interactive way to get all your colleagues involved in Veganuary this year while they work from home? Why not try out a resturant DIY kit? We've partnered with top restaurants and caterers to give your teams the chance to create their favourite dishes at home, like:

- Mouth-watering vegan pizzas from Crust Bros

- Juicy plant-based burgers from both Patty&Bun and Dirty Bones

- Comforting pasta dishes from Pasta Evangelists

Just order your chosen DIY kits to your colleagues' homes, get onto a video call, and enjoy a vegan cooking experience together while you're physically apart.

Would you like to send some of the above vegan food boxes to your work-from-home teams? Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager or our Food Gurus team by emailing foodguru@citypantry.com. They'll be more than happy to go through all of our delicious plant-based options and assist you with the ordering process too.

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