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On a budget? 6 simple ways to cater affordably

We've all blown a few budgets in our time. But no more, thanks to these top tips from the team at Just Eat for Business.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all blown a few budgets in our time.

Holidays. Cars. The weekly food shop. We’ve all done it. And when it comes to catering on a budget and feeding an entire team of people - it's no easy feat.

This is exactly where Just Eat for Business come in. Whether it’s an office lunch, a work party or just a few treats for your team, affordable catering is what we do. So if you want to put out a delicious spread on a shoestring? Here’s our 6 top tips to catering for your office on a budget.

1. Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast 

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If getting your team around the table is what you’re after - you really can’t go wrong with a morning meal.

Not only is a breakfast guaranteed to be the perfect wake-up call for your entire workplace, but with restaurants on our platform serving up delicious breakfast portions for just £4.95 per person, it’s no secret that breakfast is much more affordable than your typical lunch catering.

Need some breakfast inspiration? Open up the menus for The Breakfast CoFork Deli Patisserie or Karma Cans and you'll never look back. 

2. Buffets over boxes 

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When it comes to catering on a budget, buffets beat individual boxed lunches every single time.

That’s because the price per person is almost always lower, and as well as encouraging your team to mingle, a buffet helps provide your workplace with much more variety, for much less money. As long as you've not got lots of picky eaters (who could lead to extra food waste) - a buffet is basically a no-brainer for affordable catering. 

And if you want to know some of the best buffets on our platform? The menus from Dayan & WebbPower of Wellness and Sands Catering are a good place to start. 

3. Know exactly who you're feeding 

There’s no doubt about it, one of the easiest ways to completely blow your catering budget is ordering too much food to feed your team, or food that isn’t tailored for your office. So to accurately estimate your order amount, and to avoid food waste, here are some things to make sure you know before you order:

• An exact headcount (including if people will be away on the day)

  • • A full and detailed list of your team’s dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, no-gluten, no-dairy, no-nuts, halal)

  • • A general idea of your team’s likes and dislikes when it comes to food

  • Get all this information before you start ordering, and you're going to save yourself a lot of money on catering. 


4. Find food that works for you 

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Remember when we said you should get a general idea of your teams likes and dislikes? Well, we meant it.

Whether it’s pizza, burgers, sushi, pancakes or more, simply find out which style of food your team would prefer, then give our friendly Just Eat for Business account managers a call, who will then help choose a vendor that perfectly aligns with your catering needs. There’s a lot less waste if your team enjoys their food, and less waste means you've got the opportunity to limit those extras if you need to.  

5. Keep it casual 

For an affordable catering option every single time, it’s probably best to avoid formal catering styles completely. Not only will it be a bigger drain on your finances, but your office party or team lunch will probably suit a more informal tone.

Take it from us - leave the cutlery or the sit-down dinner and let your team get their hands dirty the next time you order catering. We guarantee it’ll leave everybody happy - especially your finance manager!

6. Book in advance 

If you’re after our best tip to catering on a budget? Well, it simply has to be booking in advance. In the panic of the last-minute order, it’s pretty impossible to keep your catering affordable.

Lucky for you, booking your food in advance is what we do best. With a world of choice on the Just Eat for Business platform - over 400 of London and Manchester's best restaurants - we let you order as far in advance as you want.

And the best bit? Our price promise guarantees that you won’t find our vendors cheaper anywhere else, even if you go direct. So if you're looking to cater on a budget - look no further. 

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