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The best things to order from the itsu menu

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Whether you’re a raw fish fanatic, an umami enthusiast or just fancy a rice bowl because, well - Friday - it’s hard to not be completely in love with itsu.

But with over 64 high protein dishes, all designed to be big on Asian flavours, where do you start? Well, to help you choose; from the sushi boxes to the salads, the healthiest dishes and the best vegan options, these are the best things to order from the itsu menu, brought to you by the Just Eat for Business team. 

The tastiest sushi box options from itsu

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Let’s be honest, the sushi box from itsu is a classic on the high street. Fresh, filling and delicious, there’s a reason why itsu’s sushi boxes have become so popular to office workers around the UK.

But for the best sushi box from the itsu? Well, the clue is in the name. With yellowfin tuna, atlantic salmon, and protein-packed prawn nigiri coupled with salmon & avocado, Californian crab & veggie maki rolls, the Best of itsu sushi box is exactly that. And the perfect place to start if you’re new to the itsu menu.

Best of itsu: No Dairy | 601 calories

The rice bowl you simply need to try

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When the weather’s a bit cooler and you need something more than a soggy sandwich to warm your soul, and you can’t go wrong with one of itsu’s rice bowls. Packed with protein, fresh seasonal greens and a fluffy bed of rice that absorbs all the flavours of the delicious toppings, every itsu rice bowl is a treat.

But the absolute best rice bowl on the itsu menu has to be the Chicken Teriyaki. Chargrilled chicken, nutty red and brown rice, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and their sweet teriyaki sauce, this is the hot dish from itsu you simply can’t go without.

Chicken Teriyaki: No Dairy | 580 calories

The itsu salad you’re guaranteed to love

When the weather’s a bit cooler and you need something that w

Sick of buying high-street salads for lunch and then realising, upon closer inspection, that your salad is actually just one big pile of lettuce? Well, us too. That’s why we love the nutritious rice-based salads from itsu's menu.

And while they’re all better than your standard salad fare, you need the Salmon Teriyaki ‘on a bed’ from itsu in your office for lunch. Thanks to perfectly poached salmon, protein-packed muki beans with seasoned sushi rice and rich teriyaki dressing, this is one of the best high street salads around, and probably the best salad you can get from itsu, direct to your desk with Just Eat for Business.

Salmon Teriyaki Salad: No-diary | 477 calories

The healthiest things to order from itsu

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High in nutrients but low in calories and saturated fat, the entirety of the itsu menu celebrates Asian-inspired flavours in the healthiest possible way. This means that any dish from itsu (enjoyed in moderation) can easily become part of your everyday lifestyle.

But if you’re after the healthiest thing to order from itsu? Look no further than the Humble Warrior Bento Salad. Made with biona organic quinoa burgers, avocado, nutrient dense pumpkin seed salad, sushi rice and a green herb dressing, all for a filling dish that’s sure to keep you going all afternoon.

Humble Warrior Bento Salad: Vegetarian | Vegan | No Dairy | 451 calories

The best vegan options from itsu

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There’s no doubt about it, itsu is a bit of a vegan favourite. From sushi, salads and udon noodles to rice bowls, dumplings and brownies - you can find vegan options for each and every one of these at any itsu near you. 

The Veggie Gyoza Dumpling Noodles and the Veggie Sushi Collection are clear vegan favourites, but the best vegan option from the itsu menu has to be the Quinoa Falafel & Veg Rice Bowl. This hearty and wholesome bowl is made with quinoa falafel, red & brown rice, fresh seasonal greens in a velvety red thai coconut sauce, all topped with spicy teriyaki sauce. It’s the perfect vegan lunch, whether you’re vegan or not.

Quinoa Falafel & Veg Rice Bowl: Vegetarian | Vegan | No Dairy | 762 calories

The best no-gluten options from itsu

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Typically, Asian food isn’t the worst cuisine for the gluten-free diet, but seeing as soy sauce contains wheat it can complicate things when it comes to eating at itsu.

Luckily, itsu serve up one of the tastiest no-gluten dishes with their Chicken Thai Rice Bowl. Chargrilled chicken, nutty red & brown rice, seasonal greens, coriander and red ginger in a velvety red thai coconut sauce, this is such a good no-gluten lunch you won’t even miss the soy sauce.

Chicken Thai Rice Bowl: No Gluten | No Dairy | 711 calories

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