December 4, 2023 • Food5 min read

Office Food Trends 2023 | Just Eat for Business

As the year comes to a close, we take a look back at the top culinary trends to hit the offices of London’s workforce in 2023.

We know that food brings people together. Whether it's an in-office pop-up or an afternoon sweet treat, office food is a great way to ensure that teams get exactly what they fancy! As we wave goodbye to 2023, we've taken a look back across the year to find out the top food trends amongst London office workers. Which area of London orders the most food? Are employees leaning towards more plant-based snacks and meals? Which cuisine type took the top spot in 2023?

It’s all here in our 2023 Office Food Trends report…

JEfB_End of year 2023 infographic V3