June 13, 2024 • Food5 min read

Discover the Top 10 Bundles on Just Eat for Business

Bundles have increased in popularity by 63% over the last year - discover the top 10 on the Just Eat for Business platform!

When you're in the middle of a busy day in the office, lunch can serve as a welcome break and something delicious to look forward to - so a lunch offering that's satisfying, convenient and above all, tasty, is a must! Bundles have become extremely popular over the last couple of years, with bundle orders on our platform increasing 63% from 2023. People are searching for convenient lunch options that offer nutritional balance, variety and good value for money. 

We've crunched the numbers and pulled the top 10 bundles on the Just Eat for Business platform - and it's safe to say that our customers LOVE some variety! From crunchbox salads to warming curries to a cheeky end-of-week Doner kebab box, the bundle options are endless! 

10. Perfect Burger Meal: Chicken Shop


Add a little chilli kick to your day with Chicken Shop's 'Spice Up your Life' burger + fries. This burger comes with a chicken fillet, Samurai sauce, lettuce, spicy Shake and spicy slaw. For just £14.30, you can't go wrong! 

9. Crunchbox Lunchbox (regular): The Salad Kitchen

crunchbox combo_

The Crunchbox Lunchbox comes with your choice of crunchbox and a drink - the perfect all-in-one solution to keep you fueled and focused throughout the day! 'What's in a Crunchbox?' you ask? A medley of salads topped with delicious proteins, signature Salad Kitchen sprinkles and house made dressings.

8. German Doner Kebab: Doner Box with Fries and Salad


Coming in at number 8, it's the much-loved German Doner Kebab with their 'Doner Box with Fries and Salad' bundle. This comes with your choice of doner meats, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage with fries. It's also served with a set of 3 signature sauce dips, so you can dip your chips to your heart's content.

7. Papa-Dum: Curry Meal Deal


Perfect for those cooler days, Papa-Dum's curry meal deal comes in at £12.50 and includes your choice of our curry box, a naan bread, plus mango or chilli chutney. We love the butter chicken or the channa masala for a vegan protein hit! It can be just what you need to see you through a long afternoon in the office. 

6. German Doner Kebab: Doner Box with Fries


Very similar to number 8 on the list, but without the salad! In a Doner Box, everything comes neatly packaged, so there's no need to worry about multiple containers or spilling food on your desk. And at just £8.99, you get change from a tenner - who doesn't want that!?

5. Coqfighter: Any Burger and Fries

coqfighter burger and fries_

Sitting pretty in the middle of our top 10 is this bundle from Coqfighter. Choose any burger (We love the honey ginger buffalo) plus fries for £12 - what more could you want?

4. German Doner Kebab: Doner Gym Box


We told you a cheeky kebab was popular! On the list for a third time, German Doner Kebab's Gym box is perfect if you want a kebab, but you also have a protein goal to hit. It includes a choice of doner meats, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage. Served with a set of 3 signature sauce dips.

3. Garbanzos: Vegan Fuelled Protein Meal Deal

vegan protein box garbanzos

Plant-based power is where it's at. At number 3 of the top 10 bundles, the vegan protein meal deal comes with a Falafel Salad Bowl, Babaganoush and Pitta bread - packed full of fibre and fresh veggies to keep you fuller for longer.

2. Patty&Bun: Burger and Chips Bundle


Sometimes, the only thing that will satisfy your cravings is a burger and chips. Patty&Bun have got this down to a T - chips dusted with rosemary salt to go alongside a classic Ari Gold burger, or a juicy Lambshank Redemption burger? Yes please! 

1. Garbanzos: Protein Loaded Meal Deal

garbanzos grilled chicken protein box_

In at number 1, we have the Protein Loaded Meal Deal from Garbanzos! Perfect for those who have a protein goal, this comes with grilled chicken on a bed of hummus, tahini sauce, tomato & cucumber salad, white cabbage, spicy carrots and red cabbage, PLUS 5 Falafels on the side - at £14.10, you won't go hungry with this bundle! 


You can order any of these bundles here!