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Our tasty guide to the top 10 burgers in Manchester

Consider this your burger bucket list, because no Manchester life is complete until you've tried them all. 

It's safe to say, writing this list was far from easy. 

We had to scour every single burger joint in Manchester and sample everything from the messy, the meaty and the most delicious burgers in the city. It's a tricky job, but someone's got to do it. 

So without further ado, we think it's probably time you loosen your belt and get ready to make an order, because this is the Just Eat for Business guide to the best burgers in Manchester.

Almost Famous

Burgers in Manchester - Almost Famous

Roll up your sleeves and bring your appetite – because this burger joint is not for the faint of heart. 

Home to some of Manchester's most beloved burgers, it's safe to say Almost Famous is so much more than almost famous in the city. Their signature burgers pack quality meat into mildly sweet brioche buns with an almost excessive assortment of outrageous toppings.

Take their River Phoenix burger, a meat-lover's medley of two cheeseburgers, bacon, red chillies and topped with a handful of Frazzles. Yes, really. And purists may scoff, but at Just Eat for Business the River Phoenix is a must-order. 


 Burgers in Manchester - Hawksmoor

It's one of the best steak restaurants in the UK, but ignore the burgers at Hawksmoor at your peril. 

Bringing their acclaimed gourmet flair to a short menu of just three burgers, Hawksmoor serve a South Korean-inspired kimchi burger topped with plenty of fiery-spiced kimchi, plus they have a burger which changes each season and allows their chefs to experiment. 

But take it from us, their classic Hawksmoor Hamburger is the best choice on the menu. Made with grass-fed beef and with bone marrow mixed in with the meat, you even get a choice of two incredible cheeses (Ogleshield or Colston Bassett Stilton) to finish off your burger. But as you'd expect from Hawksmoor, it's the meat that completely steals the show, and completely ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best burgers in Manchester.

Red's True Barbecue

 Burgers in Manchester - Red's True Barbecue

In their quest to save the hungry souls of Manchester, Red's True Barbecue serve some of the best burgers this side of Texas. 

Specialising in meat cooked low and slow, this neon-lit BBQ joint is a carnivore's paradise. It's hard to resist their ribs, but if you manage it, we recommend their Pit Burger - topped with a brisket and beef rib mix, pit-fired over charcoal - or maybe the Juicy Lucifer, a devilish burger with a fiery molten cheese centre. 

Or if your sweet tooth needs some attention, Red's True Barbecue even do a Donut Burger, featuring beef patties served between two glazed donuts. At £12.95, it’s not exactly cheap for this creation. But it’s cheaper than a flight to the States.  

V Rev

Burgers in Manchester - V Rev

The days of hemp and chia seeds dominating every vegan-friendly menu are thankfully long gone. Now there’s doughnuts. Pizzas. Chicken wings. And of course, burgers. 

Which is exactly where V Rev come in. A vegan diner committed to all plants and no pain, if you're on the look-out for the best vegan burger in Manchester, this place is a bit of a game changer. And if it's your first time, get your mouth around the Whopper Way To Make A Living, a burger filled with a 'beef' patty, vegan bacon, vegan cheese and crispy onions, all meaning that one taste of this vegan burger will never be enough. Trust us. Best order a couple just in case. 


Burgers in Manchester - Solita

This intimate little burger joint is well worth a find. With a burger for everyone, from the classic cheeseburger to the Spicy Smokehouse (pictured), Solita specialises in the burgers you know and love with decidedly modern twists. 

Take their towering Big Manc, with two steak patties, plenty of onions, home pickles, Monterey Jack cheese and Big Manc sauce, it's a complete legend in the city and for good reason. And if you're thinking of tackling the Big Manc, we recommend wearing your roomiest trousers, taking your greediest friends and cancelling all other food plans for at least the next week. You're welcome. 

Five Guys

Burgers in Manchester - Five Guys

Created on a philosophy of "perfect and serve", Five Guys nail it every single time. 

As much a Trafford Centre and Manchester Arndale landmark as the shops it's surrounded by, Five Guys was recently voted the UK’s most popular burger chain, and it's easy to see why. Focusing on a fast-food style but with quality ingredients, Five Guys put you in control with the ability to add as many toppings as you want to your burger. It's a deceivingly simple concept but that doesn't mean it isn't damn good. 

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn

Burgers in Manchester - Luck Lust Liquor & Burn

Providers of the finest Cali-Mex cuisine this side of Texas, Luck Lust Liquor & Burn may specialise in burritos and tacos, but they also serve some of the best burgers to the hungry Northern Quarter masses. 

Run by the same team behind Almost Famous, you just know Luck Lust Liquor & Burn's three burger menu is going to be good. Start your American road trip with the Sloppy Juan, with its fresh perfectly-toasted bun, a double hand-smashed wonder patty, brisket chilli and more cheeseburger sauce than it's possible to handle. But believe us, you won't even care how messy you get with a burger this good. 

Handmade Burger Co. 


Do you like your burgers with blue cheese? Peanut butter? Tortilla chips? If you think you've tried it all when it comes to burger toppings, then think again. 

Handmade Burger Co specialise in the out of the ordinary, with more than 40 different burger combinations on their menu. And with burgers this delicious, you'll want to try a different one every day of the month. But our Just Eat for Business favourite? It's got to be The Mexican. With homemade Mexican salsa, crushed avocado, fresh tortilla chips plus hot jalapeños and chipotle sauce, this is a spicy burger that's nothing like what you've ever tried before.  

Yard & Coop


If you prefer chicken to beef when it comes to burgers, Yard & Coop is about to become your new favourite haunt. 

Serving their proper fried chicken with tasty sides and even tastier sauces, Yard & Coop combine it all to create what are easily the best chicken burgers in Manchester. Take their provocatively named Massive Cock Burger, filled with a whole buttermilk fried chicken breast, battered chorizo and loads more all in a double stacked brioche bun. 

Think you can handle it? Yard & Coop is available on Just Eat for Business, so you can order their burgers straight to your Manchester office.  

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Albert's Schloss


Bavarian-influenced restaurant Albert's Schloss may be famous in Manchester for their wide range of pilsners, but that doesn't mean they don't have some brilliant burgers on their menu. 

Either keep it simple with their classic cheeseburger featuring mature cheddar, burger sauce and pickles. Or for a vegetarian treat, try the Halloumi Schnitzel Burger with its crunchy golden halloumi. And whatever your burger you opt for, wash it down with some of the best beer in Manchester. 

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