November 29, 2022 • Food5 min read

Team treats and Meals for the World Cup 2022 | Just Eat for Business

The long-awaited World Cup has begun! We've been so excited to get into the spirit of things - you never know, this might be the year that football comes home...! Games are on throughout the day over the next few weeks, so if you've got people in the office, why not make an event of it? It's the perfect excuse to gather people together for a team lunch, or simply enjoy a sweet treat after the game. 

Check out some of our top World Cup offerings below. 

Bun Co. World Cup Bundle 


Bun Co. have got the ultimate World Cup bundle available to order: Choose any two soft, fluffy Bao buns with fillings like pulled pork, fried chicken and falafel and you'll get a bottle of Efes draft beer alongside! Just make sure to enjoy it at home, or clear it with your manager first...! 

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EK Bakery: Triple Choc Flag Brownies

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EK Bakery's fudgy triple chocolate brownies are the sweetest way to celebrate the World Cup! They're made with dark, milk and white chocolate chips, and are topped with edible paper flags in a mix of countries (though you can just get England flags if you want to!)


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Spin & Shake: Cocktail Pop-up

background bars cocktails

Shake up your Thursday drinks by sticking a game on and having Spin and Shake's cocktail pop-up come to your office! With all the classics and a good number of more unique creations, Spin and Shake's mobile bar offers packages suitable for teams of all sizes.

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Pure Wrap Platters: Feed the team!


If you're getting the team together to watch the game, the last thing you want to be worrying about is making sure everyone can enjoy their lunch at the same time. That's where Pure's platters come in - everyone can grab a wrap or a sandwich and get settled!

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Kute Cake: Artisan Flag Cupcakes

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Kute Cake's red velvet and vanilla artisan cupcakes are so on-theme for all the England supporters in the office. They also offer Biscoff and chocolate cupcakes with flag decorations of your choice - take a look at all their World Cup delights below!

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Pieminister: Pie and Mash Bundle

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It doesn't get more British than pie and mash. Pieminister prides themselves on using the highest quality produce from the best British farmers. Plus, their menu has a pie for everyone, from beef and chicken to paneer, spinach and potato, meaning nobody gets pied off.

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