April 14, 2021 • Food5 min read

The importance of celebrating special occasions remotely

At Just Eat for Business, we love to celebrate occasions big and small - whether we’re in the office or working from home. Today, our Head of Sales Lucy Cantan, who recently appeared on Sky News, talks about the importance of teams celebrating together remotely.

Before the pandemic hit, our busiest times tended to involve delivering delicious celebration foods to offices for special occasions like Pancake Day, Christmas and office parties. So, when 95% of those offices shut due to COVID-19, we were initially worried about the impact it would have on team morale-boosting events.

However, Just Eat for Business pivoted really quickly and it wasn’t long before we launched our Pantry Packages home delivery service. Just a few weeks into the first UK lockdown, we were delivering top-quality food hampers to employees’ homes around London, and as the service grew, we started to deliver nationwide. That meant teams - now based all around the country - could enjoy food together once more and celebration days were very much back on the agenda for many companies!

There’s no denying that celebration days aren’t as exciting as they would be in normal times, but we’ve found that companies can absolutely still surprise and delight their employees to make those days feel special. Whether that’s sending chocolate eggs for Easter, cocktail making kits for a bank holiday weekend, or planning a full-blown virtual party, it gives teams an opportunity to socialise and re-create those 'water cooler' moments virtually that they are craving. The certainty of having something to celebrate and look forward to is so important during a time of so much uncertainty. It gives space for joy and togetherness when there’s so much darkness and social isolation around us.

Holding time for celebration can also help companies foster their inclusivity initiatives. By giving employees an opportunity to celebrate days of cultural and social significance - whether that be religious festivals or awareness days like International Women’s Day or Black History Month - you can help foster inclusive spaces within the (virtual) workplace. It’s important to let your teams contribute and indicate what’s important to them throughout the year so that everyone gets the opportunity to be involved, be heard and share their experiences with others.

This year, we’ve also seen an increasing number of companies celebrating other awareness days like Mental Health Awareness Week and Stress Awareness Month. That’s because companies are really looking to understand what’s important to their teams and what drives team engagement. So, for instance, we’ve had some companies ordering mindfulness hampers for their employees to help them relax and unwind. Others simply order sweet treats as a little pick-me-up and thank you to their teams for their ongoing hard work.

Ultimately, celebrating special occasions while teams are physically apart is a simple and effective way of rewarding their hard work, sharing experiences, and ensuring that personal connections survive and thrive.

As we move into the next normal, with many companies taking a hybrid approach to working, it’s imperative that we continue to offer employees parity in benefits, whether they’re in the office or working from home. Returning to office-only celebrations just won’t cut it anymore - there will need to be options for remote teams too.

That’s why all of us at Just Eat for Business are so dedicated to creating the best service possible, with plenty of flexibility and a clear focus on health and safety. We’re here, ready and waiting to help companies make employee wellbeing and team morale a priority when offices open back up.

If you’d like to order celebration hampers for your remote teams - whatever the occasion - just click the button below to get in touch with us and a member of the team will be on hand to help you shortly.

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