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Top Tips to Throwing an Office Halloween Party

Halloween parties boost morale and help create a motivational, teamwork-oriented work culture. Use the below tips to create an unforgettable and ghostly party!


Only two more weeks until the spookiest holiday of the year! Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday, so throwing a party for your office is not only a fun way to honour the day, but also show your employees you care. Hosting team events like these boost productivity and team spirit, and break down barriers. To get the most out of your party, read on for these spooky-good tips for your office Halloween party.

Halloween Party Committee

Planning a party for the entire office is tiring and time consuming. Split up party planning responsibilities by department and have a yearly/seasonal rotation, so that everyone can get their party planning hat on without feeling left out.

Questions to ask yourself: What is my budget? Will it be during work-hours? What day and time? Will alcohol be served? All of these things could bring their own challenges, so it is important to have these things figured out before the fun planning begins.

Halloween Party Theme

A scary Halloween theme might be the most obvious, but creating a specific theme around a topic can add a fun twist. You can focus your theme around movies like classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, fairytales, or anything that would encourage dressing up.

Halloween Party Decorations

Once you have your theme set, the decorating can begin! Get festive decorations and display them around the office and have everyone decorate their group areas. Make it a contest and award the best/most creative/scariest decorated department. This is not only a great team spirit activity, but also tells you a lot about the group and who takes what responsibility.

Halloween Party Costumes & Contests

An office Halloween party without dressing up is for the lame. So whip out your fancy dress and transform into your favourite bewitched character. Dress to impress (while still being appropriate for an office setting) and get your competitive game on to take home the big trophy of the night: The person with the best costume/most in tune with the theme wins "Best dressed".

Set up a photo booth with scary props for everyone to capture their best selves for an unforgettable event that will be talked about for weeks to come.

Halloween Party Games

When was the last time you dug your head into a big bucket of water trying to fish out an apple with your teeth only? Never? Thirty years ago? Reconnect with your inner child and have people from different departments pit against each other to help cross-department relationship building.

Need game ideas? Offer a pumpkin painting station, have people guess how many candy corn pieces are in a jar or go trick-or-treating from desk-to-desk.

Halloween Party Food

Halloween parties without food are like Harry Potter without Hermoine, wine without cheese, ketchup without mustard, fish without chips... You get the idea. Catering might be the easiest choice for your holiday extravaganza and lucky for you, we partner with several great vendors to make your party even better. We believe in eating together and want to bring this passion to your office!

Some of our favourites:

Cupcake & Shhht

Cupcake & Shhht Halloween Treats

First things first: Dessert. Cupcakes & Shhht created deliciously creepy Halloween treats for your office party. Try their strawberry cupcakes with frosted brains, peanut butter cupcakes with vampire bite frosting or chocolate cupcakes with intestine frosting!

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Platter London

Platter London

Platter London makes all your sandwich dreams come true! Offering several different platters like cheese, appetiser or sandwich boards, there is something for everyone. Perfect for parties, Just Eat for Business helps you order and deliver straight to your office. Plate up!

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Home Slice

Home Slice Vegan Mushroom Pizza

Is a party without pizza even a party? Homeslice is one of our favourite pizza destinations, so get your pizza fix from Homeslice to recover in between party games. We recommend the mushroom, ricotta pumpkin seeds and chilli and the BBQ beef brisket pizza!

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Platter Up

Platter Up Halloween Grazing Platter

Another loved platter service comes from Platter Up. Offering something special this season, they created unique Halloween grazing platters. Enjoy several kinds of cheese, pumpkin flavoured hummus, pears, flapjack bites, fig jam, cranberry sauce, charcuterie, crackers, bread - and the list goes on. Is your mouth watering yet? The platters come decorated with foliage, gold and orange chrysanthemums, physalis berries and miniature pumpkins!

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This ice cream pop-up will be sure to make an impression and round out the slowly creeping food coma. Pan-N-Ice has their own travelling ice cream chefs to make their signature ice cream rolls right at your office. Fresh fruits and chocolate biscuit toppers optional (but encouraged)! 

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Ready to upgrade your office Halloween party with exceptional food?

Get in touch with our food gurus to help turn your vision into a reality. Or, if you're ready to go right now, have a look at our menu and take matters into your own hands.

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