February 2, 2021 • Food5 min read

Virtual Pancake Day activities for teams

Get flipping excited for Pancake Day this February, even while you and your teams work from home! Discover some of our favourite Pancake Day activities, hampers, and DIY kits to enjoy with your colleagues virtually.

Pancake Day (Feb 16) is just around the corner, and after another tough month in lockdown it's definitely something to look forward to. While you may be used to celebrating together in the office with mounds of mouth-watering crepes, this Pancake Day is going to be much different. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun!

At Just Eat for Business, we know a thing or two about getting teams together virtually - whether it's our own teams or our customers'. So, here are some of our favourite Pancake Day activities that you and your teams can enjoy while you continue to work from home.

Fun Pancake Day activities for your remote teams

Pancake Day activities aren't just for families - your work colleagues will love celebrating too! So, why not brighten up their February lockdown with some fun pancake-themed activities? Read on for some inspiration.

1. Send your colleagues some treats

What better way to give your teams a mid-February boost than a surprise gift delivered to their doors? Especially when that gift is a delicious hamper of free food!

With restaurants and cafes shut to the public, many food businesses have brought out recipe kits and treats for their customers to enjoy at home. And that applies to Shrove Tuesday goodies too!

So, whether it's a food box filled with tasty ready-to-eat pancakes or a DIY kit to help your teams unleash their creative side, Just Eat for Business and our talented vendor partners are here to make your pancake party dreams a reality.

Click here to discover some delicious pancake hampers.

2. Host a pancake making competition

Stack of fluffy pancakes with drizzle of sauce

Who's the best flipper? Which team can make the fluffiest American pancakes? Who's the champ of weird and wonderful topping combos? Host a pancake making competition and you'll soon enough find out!

If you want to make it fair, get the same DIY kit for everyone and see who can make the best creation out of the same ingredients.

Set aside some time for a video call where contestants cook on the spot for a panel of judges, or make it more casual and get teams to vote for their favourites in an online image gallery. More on that in our third tip...

3. Create a Pancake Day thread on your intranet

Looking for something low-key and budget-friendly? Getting your teams together virtually for Pancake Day can be as simple as creating a thread on your intranet or a Slack channel dedicated to their Shrove Tuesday creations.

Encourage your co-workers to post photos of their pancake successes (or fails!) and start a conversation. You could even ask them to share their best recipes to help out those who aren't quite as talented in the kitchen.

This channel is also the perfect place to host your pancake making competition, if you decide to go with activity 2.!

4. Get quizzy (with plenty of prizes!)

Person biting pencil nervously while looking at laptop scree

You don't need to block out an hour of their time for yet another lengthy quiz, but why not host a short, five-minute one to kick start Shrove Tuesday? Gather your favourite pancake-themed facts, and put your colleagues' knowledge to the test!

Did you know that the largest pancake ever created measured 15.01 metres from one side to the other?! Now you do! Check out Guiness World Records for more unbelievable pancake facts.

And it's not a quiz without a prize or two, so get your thinking cap on. (The glory of winning doesn't count!)

Our favourite Pancake Day hampers

Looking for some delicious DIY kits for your teams this Pancake Day? We've got you covered! Whether it's fluffy American-style or crispy crepes, vegan-friendly or topped with bacon, our pancake hampers are sure to go down a treat!

Canapes Direct - Toppings galore!

stack of pancakes topped with fruit, honey, and chocolate sauce

Love pancakes with a generous slathering of sauce? Canapes Direct has got just the hamper for you! Choose between the vegan (and no-gluten) or regular box and your teams will receive pancake mix, butter, Nutella, chocolate sauce, lemon, strawberry, and champagne preserve, as well as maple syrup!

Each box costs £35, which includes nationwide delivery.

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Country City Catering - A little bit of everything

three american style pancakes on wooden board, topped with Nutella and fruit

Can't decide between American-style pancakes or crepes? Fear not, because Country City Catering's DIY kit has got it all! And not only that, but there are both sweet and savoury toppings included so you can have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are just some of our favourites:

- Smoked ham

- Salted caramel sauce

- Fresh blueberries

- Emmental cheese

- Nutella and caramelised bananas

Country City Catering can make hampers to suit all kinds of dietary needs, so don't worry about leaving anyone out. Nationwide delivery is also available.

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Crepeaffaire - Time for a pancake party

Cardboard box filled with crepes and toppings

Crepeaffaire's Pancake Day hamper is ideal for those who don't want to waste time cooking when they could be eating instead! Skip to the best bit with six delicious crepes and plenty of tasty toppings, including sprinkles, marshmallows, Oreo pieces, and more.

Crepeaffaire is also offering its original recipe crepe mix in both classic and vegan/no-gluten varieties, so there is the option to get cooking if you want to.

Even better? Everything's under £20 and that price includes nationwide delivery.

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Jimmy Garcia Catering - Heat up and enjoy!

Pancakes stacked up with butter and syrup

Jimmy Garcia Catering specialises in event catering, so the team knows exactly how to make a day like Shrove Tuesday extra special.

Choose between ready-to-heat American-style pancakes or a DIY crepe kit. Both come with delicious toppings to make your pancakes the best they can be. Get ready to enjoy:

- Maple syrup

- Vanilla creme

- Nutella

- Caramelised pecans

- Banana chips

- Candied streaky bacon

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Kid-bay - Variety is the spice of life

Rolled up pancakes on slate board with dusting of icing sugar next to pots of jam and lemon slices

Kid-bay has taken Pancake Day to the next level with its mouth-watering range of DIY recipe kits. Go classic with the Sweet and Fluffy Roll-up kit or the Amerian-style Pancake kit, or try something a little different with the Crispy Apple Pancake kit.

Why not make a meal out of it - literally! - with the savoury crepe kit and enjoy fillings like chilli con carne, spinach and feta, or a Mexican three-bean salsa.

Everything can be delivered nationwide.

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Le Montmartre - Breakfast of champions

Pancakes on a plate surrounded by toppings and a bottle of juice

Give your colleagues the ultimate Pancake Day breakfast with a delicious hamper from Le Montmartre. Not only will each of your co-workers receive crepe mix and toppings, they'll also get a bottle of premium organic apple juice to start the day.

Nationwide delivery is available and included in the price of each hamper - £24.90 for a two-person hamper, £34.90 for four.

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Platter Up - Sweet as honey

stacks of pancakes on a plate topped with berries. someone is pouring honey on top

Make the perfect pancakes with Platter Up's at-home DIY kits. Using a specially blended pancake batter mix your teams will be whipping up delicious treats in no time.

Top your creations off with honey, Nutella, and fresh berries. Each hamper also includes a wooden honey dipper for a truly immersive experience. Nationwide delivery available!

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Where The Pancakes Are - One for the vegans

Box full of vegan pancake ingredients and toppings

As the name suggests, these are the real pros of Pancake Day. Based near Borough Market in London, the team at Where The Pancakes Are serve up savoury and sweet pancakes to 'comfort the soul', and now you and your teams can create them without even leaving the house!

Go for a sweet hamper like the banana and salted caramel kit, or opt for something savoury - the Big Brunch Box, perhaps? There are vegan and no-gluten options, too, including the bacon and blueberries kits which comes with This Isn't Bacon, a delicious meat alternative.

All prices include nationwide home delivery - contact-free, of course!

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Are you hoping to host a virtual Pancake Day celebration for your remote teams? Get in touch with us at foodguru@citypantry.com to find out how we can help you! Our team will happily guide you through the ordering process and help you choose the best pancake hamper for your colleagues.