December 1, 2018 • News2 min read

Supporting Crisis this Christmas | Just Eat for Business

And here's how you can help too. 

You've probably noticed how cold it's getting – heaters are on full-blast here at Just Eat for Business HQ – alongside some hearty, delicious food, which you'll be enjoying too.

Of course, this isn't the same for everyone – not just at Christmas, but all year round. We wanted to use the spirit of eat together, work better to do some good this festive season, so we are supporting Crisis, the national charity for homeless people.

Most offices are closed over Christmas – from 23rd December to 1st January. So with this in mind, we're reaching out to our customers to use their food budget to donate to Crisis instead. Any money donated to this plan will go towards giving someone a place at Crisis this Christmas, as well as the chance to access Crisis’ year-round services. You can donate by placing an 'order' with Crisis and Just Eat for Business, where 100% of your total 'order' value will be donated to Crisis. 

Crisis at Christmas offers crucial support for thousands of homeless people. For nine days over Christmas, guests can receive nutritious meals in a safe, welcoming environment, as well as healthcare, advice and above all, companionship. This is a wonderful, generous example of what eating together can do for a community, and we at Just Eat for Business want to help them in any way we can.

After the success of last year, where a third of our orderers helped us raise money for Crisis, we're hoping to go one better this year with even more donations. We're very proud to support Crisis, and we can't wait to help those in most need enjoy the security, warmth and community of a meal that we take for granted day after day.

To get involved, donate to Crisis below, where all the money from your total order value will go to helping someone in need this Christmas. 

Donate to Crisis