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We've partnered with KatKin and Nibble & Nosh

Our pets have been there for us throughout the pandemic, so it's time to give something back to them. That's why we've partnered with two top pet food brands to help you out. Meet KatKin and Nibble & Nosh.

The benefits of having a pet at home during lockdown are clear - just read about the postitive impact our own furry friends have had on us - so, now it's time to give them the thanks they deserve. That's why we've partned with two top pet food and treat brands to help you do just that.

KatKin and Nibble & Nosh make pet health and wellbeing a priority with tasty, healthy food for your beloved cats and dogs. We caught up with Nikki from KatKin and Julie from Nibble & Nosh to find out more.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you started.


The KatKin journey started two years ago when my brother Brett and I started looking into the cat food industry and really didn't like what we found. Not only did we notice food wasn't really formulated for cats and their need for Fresh, real meat (many cat food brands are only giving cats 4% meat), but it also struck us as really strange that we'd buy our food from the fresh or frozen aisle, meanwhile Kiki and Columbus' food was found next to bleach and sponges. Fundamentally, cat food was traditionally created as an after-thought of dog's food, and that didn't sit right with us.

After this realisation, we did some more research and found board-certified veterinary nutritionist®, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, and brought him on board. We knew we had to have him as our recipe formulation needed to be grounded in science - regardless of the fact that he lives in Florida and the time difference can be a little tricky. A year or two later, here we are, a 27-person strong team, pushing every day to become the go-to wellness and nutrition brand for cats, not only in their food, but in their health and every day experiences.

Nibble & Nosh:

Bill Sainsbury and I (Julie Woodard) launched Nibble and Nosh almost a year ago at the end of April 2020 to meet the demands of a very pampered cockerpoo by the name of Poppy. So, finding a selection of the highest quality treats became our mission.

Nibble and Nosh brings your pampered pooch the highest quality treats - nothing nasty and super tasty. 100% natural ingredients, choice cuts, wheat-free and low in calories - perfect for guilt-free treating.

What’s been your proudest moment since starting your business?


With the amount we’ve grown and excelled over the last two years, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment that I feel the most proud of, so here are a couple of personal wins for me.

It’s always been paramount that we have women in positions of leadership. After having worked for companies where there’s a huge gender pay gap and personally struggling to find female role models in positions of leadership, I knew with my own company I wouldn't allow that to happen. I feel so fulfilled to say that we have more female than male leaders in KatKin, and absolutely no gender pay gap.

Every day I feel a twinge of pride when I read our Trustpilot reviews. Not only do they serve as a reminder that our customer experience team is repeatedly showing our KatKin Club members that we’re the right choice for their cats, but it highlights what a difference we’re making. There are so many reviews telling us how KatKin has made their sick cat better or improved their health in one way or another. I can’t beat the full feeling my heart gets when I read those ones.

Nibble & Nosh:

Setting up our business in the middle of a pandemic has been full of challenges and we are really proud to have got through our first year. We’re really looking forward to getting out and about to dog shows and meeting everyone.

Why is pet wellbeing so important to you?


It's up to us to give our cats the best food and health care there is, which is part of the reason why we started KatKin - what was on offer wasn't good enough. We have a responsibility to our cats to place their wellbeing at the top of our list of priorities, because a happy and healthy cat makes for a happy cat person.

As a cat owner myself - shout out to Kiki and Columbus! - it’s so clear to me that pets are more than just someone to play with or pet when you feel like it. They are members of the family. Yes we have arguments (mainly them reminding me it’s time for food), but we love each other and need to be in each other’s lives. I know I need to do everything I can to make sure their wellbeing is at the forefront of my mind. It might sound silly, but I genuinely believe they’d do the same for me if they could; in fact, the impact they’ve had on my mental health is their way of doing that. If I can make sure they’re lives are comfortable and long, I’m absolutely going to do that.

Nibble & Nosh:

Pets play such an important role in our lives - they are family members. As responsible Pet Parents we have to look after their wellbeing as we would any other family member, including a healthy diet, exercise and entertainment.

What role have pets played during the COVID-19 pandemic?


In a world where we’re keeping two metres away from people, have experienced a loss in physical affection, and it’s generally been one of the most stressful times in our collective memory, pets have played a crucial role.

They’ve provided comfort, physical affection, entertainment, and fundamentally, companionship. Pets are really astute and can pick up on their owner’s feelings easily, and our heightened anxiety over the last year has been palpable. But our pets have been on hand to help alleviate it, whether with needing daily walks or playing sessions, or something as simple as them giving us a head butt to show they care.

Nibble & Nosh:

I think we have all enjoyed the extra time spent with our pets during lockdown. The cuddle time when the world felt a scary place and strangers were to be avoided was really important.
I think we have a lot of pets that have got very used to the extra company and will really miss this when everything returns to normal.

What effect do you think having a pet can have on your mental health?


Did you know that a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hz, which is medically therapeutic for sickness in their people? I think that says it all! But I will say a little more...

While the responsibility of pet ownership might be a daunting thought, the benefits of having one far outweigh the worry. Anecdotally, my cats have certainly helped me with anxiety in the past, because who isn’t going to feel better when a soft, purring mass is sitting in your lap, seeking you out personally for the head scratches?

I think the endorphins released when stroking something fluffy and friendly will definitely work as a stress reliever, and I think they have an uncanny ability to calm us. In short, I would say they’re mental health first aiders!

Nibble & Nosh:

I believe pets have a crucial part to play in our mental health. They give us routine (you have to walk your dog twice a day), a sense of purpose (your pet needs to be looked after), a sense of belonging there is a whole community of people who love animals and there is always someone ready to chat on a dog walk), and a responsibility (they need us to care for them). Most of all, they give us unconditional love.

If you'd like to find out more about KatKin or Nibble & Nosh, or you want to order some treats for your furry friends, just click the button below.

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