June 9, 2020 • News5 min read

Partnered with Thankful Hearts | Just Eat for Business

We’re working alongside Thankful Hearts to remember, support and heal the NHS in a post-lockdown UK. As of this week, we’ll be including Thankful Hearts stickers in selected Pantry Packages food boxes and office deliveries.

Since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, communities and businesses have come together to show their support and appreciation for NHS staff who are working night and day to keep us safe and healthy. 

Just three days into the lockdown, the British public stood on their front porches to clap for carers, an act that transformed our Thursday nights for over two months. Shortly after the first Clap for Carers, hand-drawn rainbows began to appear in windows across the country, fast becoming a signal of hope during a time of great uncertainty.

However, the clapping has since stopped and the UK lockdown is easing, but many people and businesses want to show the NHS that they still care. 

One such company is the newly founded not-for-profit Thankful Hearts, which aims to remember, support, and heal the NHS in a post-lockdown UK, using the tagline:

“When the clapping stops and the rainbows disappear, what lives on are our Thankful Hearts.”

In May 2020, four passionate creatives founded Thankful hearts with an ambition to build a symbol that complimented the iconic rainbow that has become such a familiar sight across the country. Using their brand and marketing knowledge, co-founders Alex Carter, Westley Crouch, Chris and Emily Fordham settled on a bold red heart symbol that encompasses the well-known rainbow icon and takes the form of a healing plaster.

“We felt it was our duty to make sure that the messages of support, healing and community lived on past the lockdown period and the Thankful Heart perfectly reflected that message,” said the co-founders.

This symbol is now at the forefront of Thankful Hearts’ window and car sticker campaign, as well as their social media promotions and free kids’ entertainment packs. 

The stickers are on sale to the public through their website and also through retailers and distributors as part of their B2B partnership scheme. Up to 75% of the sticker sales will go to NHS Charities Together Fund (formerly Association of NHS Charities), a membership organisation representing, supporting, and championing NHS Charities.

In June 2020, Just Eat for Business became one of Thankful Hearts’ newest business partners and we are proud to say that we will be distributing stickers to our customers as of this week.

Having pre-purchased 1000 sets of stickers and information cards, we are working alongside a number of our vendor partners to include sets within regular office orders and teams@home Pantry Packages food boxes.

We are encouraging office managers to hand out Thankful Hearts stickers to their colleagues who are currently working in the office, and once distributed businesses and individuals can stick the stickers in their windows and cars to show support for the NHS.

Alongside our ongoing #FeedYourCommunity initiative, which delivers donated food parcels to NHS hospitals and key workers, we are certain that our partnership with Thankful Hearts will have a positive impact on how employers and their employees see and value the NHS even once the country returns to some kind of ‘normality’.

At Just Eat for Business, we’re showing the NHS our thankful heart.