June 14, 2022 • Food3 min read

4th July Treats to bring your Team together | Just Eat for Business

Treat the team on 4th July with delicious food and drinks in the office!

The 4th July is Independence Day for the USA, where, in 1776, the country adopted the Declaration of Independence. Americans often celebrate with festivals, parades, fireworks, barbecues, and other activities - and one big part of the day is the food 😍.

Chances are, you may have some colleagues from the USA, or you're just looking for a great reason to get the team together with some delicious food and drink. Whatever your reason for celebrating, check out some of our favourite American-style food on offer on the Just Eat for Business platform. 

Jackalope's Mac + Cheese Pop-up


Jackalope's All American serves their crowd-pleasing Mac & Cheese with a host of BBQ toppings, and their forward-focused menu blends locally sourced ingredients from London with traditional US flavours to ensure you and the team get the best of both worlds!

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Longboys Doughnuts

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Doughnuts are a classic American sweet treat, but why not step it up a notch and add a touch of luxury to your 4th July celebrations with Longboys doughnuts? Their patisserie-style doughnuts come in a huge range of flavours, and they even do in-office pop-ups as well! 

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This blog post has kind of turned into a bit of a burger fan page... but who can blame us with this beauty from Patty&Bun?! Their aged beef patties, smokey mayo and soft brioche buns make their burgers a real crowd-pleaser - plus, they have a different special burger each month on their menu - go check it out!

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Sejuiced Pop-up


If you're looking for an in-office pop-up with a twist, head straight for the dessert menu with Sejuiced's Frozen Desserts pop up! Whether you're after froyo, freakshakes, ice creams or sundaes topped with treats, Sejuiced can bring it right to your office - they can even recreate vintage American diner vibes, perfect for the 4th July!

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Bang Bang Burger


Bang Bang Burger make their burgers with high quality ingredients and a finely-tuned blend of prime rib cap, brisket and short rib to create the juiciest burger possible. They also make all their sauces from scratch, adding their signature blend of herbs and spices to every meal - the team will love this one for their 4th July celebrations.

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Polo Bar


You can't get more American than this cookies and cream pancake stack from Polo Bar. Their bespoke 4th July menu features several burgers and pancakes, all with delicious toppings - plus, they're open 24hours a day, so you and the team can satisfy your cravings whenever you like. 

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