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Healthy Eating Week 2022 | Just Eat for Business

Healthy Eating Week 2022 runs from 13th-17th June, and encourages people to follow a healthy diet based around 5 different themes.

For the last 10 years, Healthy Eating Week has been helping and inspiring people to lead healthier lives by providing people with a wide range of resources like recipes, activities and information packs based on five daily challenges.

Since Healthy Eating Week launched 10 years ago, millions of people have participated in Healthy Eating Week - in fact, the scheme has received over 58,300 registrations from schools and workplaces across the UK. The roots of Healthy Eating Week lie in engaging more people with achievable, accessible ways to live a healthier lifestyle in their day-to-day routine. 

This year, the challenges are:

  •  🥗 Monday: Focus on fibre - for meals and snacks
  •  🫐 Tuesday: Get at least 5 a Day - put plenty on your plate  
  •  🧆 Wednesday: Vary your protein - be more creative  
  •  🥤Thursday: Stay hydrated - fill up from the tap
  •   🥙 Friday: Reduce food waste - know your portions

To help give you some inspo for your team lunches for Healthy Eating Week, we've rounded up a few of our favourite healthy vendors to give you a real boost! Check them out below. 

HOP Vietnamese 


HOP Vietnamese is well known for fast, fresh and tasty food - and they've had a menu makeover! Their menu is now 50% plant-based, with new menu additions made with Fable products and Meatless farm. Our new fave is the Hopcorn Chick'n! Including more plant-based meals in your diet is a great way to look after your health and the planet, without sacrificing on tastiness! 

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Olive + Squash 

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Olive & Squash pride themselves on the fact that their menu is seasonal and sustainable  - it changes depending on what is available from their nearby supplier farms. Their salad bowls are packed full of fibre, nutrients and plenty of flavour, with vegan options, high protein salads and raw juices to finish off your lunch nicely! 

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Humbledough Pop-up

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All of Humbledough's products are plant based, gluten free and naturally sweetened - perfect for catering to the whole team! Their cookies and cookie dough are also made with oats to avoid the sugar crash that often comes with cookies! Oats are slow-release carbs, which mean they provide a gradual source of energy to help regulate blood sugar and maintain energy levels.

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Kawaii Bowl Pop-up

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Offering a balanced meal with protein, healthy fats and carbs, Kawaii Bowl's fresh fusion bowls are inspired by different islands around the world like Hawaii and Okinawa, topped off with Kawaii-style presentation. Their in-office pop-up brings a fresh take on the classic Poke bowl - it's a great choice for a healthy team lunch! 

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Nummy Yummy

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 10-58-53-pngThink back to the number of times you've fancied a sweet treat, but didn't want the inevitable sugar crash that comes with it. Luckily, Nummy Yummy has got the solution. Their treats are all vegan and free from refined sugar, flour and palm oil and gluten, but made with premium ingredients so you don't miss out on any chocolatey goodness. These are also great for WFH colleagues, as they can be delivered across the UK. 

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Sejuiced Insta-1

Keep hydrated with fresh juices and smoothies, or treat the team with a healthier fro-yo pop-up! Sejuiced have got you covered if you're looking to give your teams a boost. Their fresh juices can be branded to fit your company, and delivered to the office or to their homes means they can get their vitamins and minerals in easily during a busy working day.

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