October 25, 2022 • Black History Month5 min read

Black History Month 2022 Showcase: Rudie's Jerk Shack

October is Black History Month in the UK. We at Just Eat for Business sat down to chat with Rudie's Jerk Shack. Check it out!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

Rudie's Jerk Shack brings a truly authentic taste of modern Jamaica to London. We've got sites all across the capital, and have brought our famous ‘Real Jerk’, to London. Our meat is marinated for 24 hours in our secret blend of herbs and spices, before being grilled and smoked slowly over charcoal in a steel drum.

What sets us apart is that the traditional Jamaican street food dishes are given the modern Rudie’s Jerk Shack treatment - and we have a well-stocked rum bar, featuring our iron strong Rum Punch!

  1. The theme for 2022’s Black History Month is ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’. What does this mean to you?

To us, it means it’s our time to shine – as the saying goes “ Jamaica to di world”! As a black-owned business we are working to further the cause of Jamaican food, drink and culture to the vibrant streets of London. Our aim is to showcase the best of Jamaica and that’s what we’re focused on even more this month!

  2. Do you have a role model who has inspired you throughout your career?

Bob Marley – his story, mission and legacy is a great inspiration to me. 

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  1. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other entrepreneurs who are beginning their journey?

“It's never as good as it looks and it's never as bad as it seems”.


  1. What are some of the challenges you face regarding innovation?

Being brave and breaking the mould is always difficult and unnerving, but sometimes you have to take the plunge and give it a try! In our industry we’re constantly having to react to and accept innovation and changes – the most important thing is to remain open minded, otherwise you can miss the boat on something that may end up being a huge success. 


  1. Anything else you'd like to add?

 It’s amazing to see how every year, Black History Month is being celebrated by more and more people, and in particular often that celebration is through food.