January 25, 2024 • Food5 min read

Celebrate Pancake Day and Valentine's Day | Just Eat for Business

Spread the love (and the lemon and sugar!) - Pancake Day and Valentine's Day fall one after the other this February.

As we gear up for the rest of 2024, we're looking ahead to some tasty celebration days - namely Valentine's Day and Pancake Day! This year, they're conveniently lined up one after another, with Pancake Day on Tuesday 13th Feb and Valentine's Day on Wednesday 14th Feb! 

Since these are in-office days for many of us, it's a perfect opportunity to spread the love (or the nutella) and make our work days a little sweeter. We've got loads of options that your teams will love, and there's plenty of time to plan an exciting in-office celebration! 

Click below for some of our favourites.