February 1, 2024 • Food5 min read

National Pizza Day: Office Food | Just Eat for Business

Pizza is one food that pretty much the whole team can agree on - from the diversity in toppings to vegan, sourdough or gluten-free bases, it's a firm office favourite!

National Pizza Day takes place on Friday 9th February - and it's a tried and true office favourite! Getting pizzas into the office for the team to enjoy is quick, convenient and stress free, as there are vegan, gluten free and dairy-free varieties of pizza available. 

Enjoy a slice (or two!) of Homeslice's 20-inch pizzas, PizzaExpress' limited edition heart-shaped doughballs (perfect for Valentine's Day too!) or Yard Sale's exciting flavour combinations - read more below!


Think pizza, but bigger. Homeslice offers deliciously big 20-inch pizza bases with a range of unique toppings, like spiced lamb with savoy cabbage, cauliflower shawarma and wagyu beef - so they're perfect for sharing with the rest of the team! (Or maybe just one other person, if you're really hungry!)

Zia Lucia 

Famous for their range of delicious doughs (including a black charcoal dough and a wholemeal dough!), Zia Lucia’s menu is packed full of mouth-watering pizzas, vibrant side dishes and much more. Their doughs are proved for 48 hours resulting in a wonderfully light pizza, perfect for a lunchtime meal.

Pizza Pilgrims 

Based on classic Neapolitan pizza with a slow-proved dough, Pizza Pilgrims bring all the Italian secrets of pizza making, learnt on their 6-week long pilgrimage through the country's culinary hotspots. Topped with the best ingredients Italy has to offer, the team will love the classics on the menu! 

Franco Manca 

Franco Manca are true pioneers of sourdough pizza. Their priority is to know where all their ingredients come from and who their suppliers are. Franco Manca believes that to be truly enjoyed, food needs to be made with authentic, delicious ingredients sourced both organically and locally where possible.

Fireaway Pizza 

Innovative flavours, toppings and combo bundles mean you get plenty of bang for your buck with Fireaway Pizza! Their pesto based pizza brings a real twist to your team lunch. 

Yard Sale Pizza

Offering pizzas in a range of sizes, Yard Sale's pizza can feed teams of any size, whatever the occasion! We love the New Porker and the Vegan Margherita, as they cover plenty of dietary preferences!



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