June 10, 2024 • Restaurants5 min read

Pride 2024: Celebrating Every Flavour - EK Bakery | Just Eat for Business

We sat down with EK Bakery, a proudly LGBTQ+ inclusive employer, to chat about what Pride means to them.

EK Bakery's rainbow brownies, 10% of proceeds go to akt charity.

Tell us about EK Bakery

EK BAKERY started in 2017 from a home kitchen. Founder Elizabeth established the brand by selling at food markets, wholesale and direct to customer. In 2020 we moved to Clerkenwell and grew the team steadily. Fast forward to July 2023 where we have arrived in our very own bakery and retail space in Hackney!

We strive to be creative, collaborative and sustainable, and we have an all year round menu of classic brownies and cakes. Brownies are beautifully wrapped and sent with hand-written gift messages. Cakes are decorated seasonally, with fruits and edible flowers. Each month we release new flavours in line with what's in season at that particular moment. The team spends weeks testing and developing new items to make sure we have the best flavour and texture.

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EK Bakery team

What does it mean to you to be an LGBTQ+ inclusive employer?

To me, it means being open and inclusive of hiring all genders and identities and a zero tolerance for any negative attitudes. Being open to discussion and change is also key.

A lot has already been done to make workplaces more inclusive, but there’s still a long way to go. Are there any specific changes you would like to see?

In order to work out what changes need to happen, I think it's key to speak with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, ideally internally within your organisation but also externally if necessary. Then you can see where the gaps are and how you can work to improve the workplace for everyone. 

Tell us more about your partnership with akt charity.

I think if you’re going to sell anything in the name of a cause it’s important to question what positive impact the items are having on the communities who started or are leading the movement.

Simply offering items with rainbow flags is inadequate and I was looking for a way to take part in Pride that felt authentic and more impactful. akt charity stood out to me as an organisation who are supporting individuals at a critical life stage and helping them in multiple ways so that they can thrive in a safer and happier environment.

We donate a percentage of proceeds from all Pride items or pop-ups every year and to date have raised £1000s so far and counting!

Are there any other organisations, charities or groups that you would recommend getting involved in?

I don’t have any specific recommendations but I think it’s great to engage with art, literature, writing and performance by people who identify as LGBTQ+, whether that’s socially in person, online, in books, exhibitions, music etc. I feel this gives you a better insight into individuals’ lives and helps to create a more empathetic and inclusive perspective.