May 13, 2024 • Food5 min read

Evolution of the modern meal-deal | Just Eat for Business

From the supermarket sandwich staple to restaurant-quality delivered-in meals, Just Eat for Business takes a look at how the lunchtime meal deal has evolved over time.

The meal deal is a staple of the British lunch culture, especially when it comes to the working lunch. With many supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes and convenience shops offering their own versions, it’s easy to see how their popularity has risen - us Brits love a good deal. However, when we reach for a sandwich and crisps, how much of this is out of culinary desire and how much is out of habit? Do we love the tastes and flavours or are we simply looking for something convenient? 

In this infographic, we take a look at the background and evolution of the meal deal and how the modern UK worker feels about it. How have changing tastes and expectations around the food-at-work experience altered our buying habits. And, crucially, if lunch is on the boss - how many of us would still reach for the supermarket deal?

Modern Meal Deal Infographic_V1b