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Exclusive meal bundles at Just Eat for Business

Treat yourself to a bundle and enjoy a little extra something this lunchtime!

Over the last few months, we've been loving bundles at Just Eat for Business. These meals are perfect for group orders, team lunches and meeting food. Discover our faves below!

Kua' Aina

If you and the team fancy a burger with a twist, give Kua 'Aina a try. Founded in 1975, they've been making food with classic Hawaiian ingredients like teriyaki chicken and pineapple for years. Their bundles are a great option for team meetings, group lunches, or simply getting together to enjoy lunch with the team. 

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Olive + Squash

Setting yourself up for a healthy week couldn't be easier with Olive and Squash's varied menu. Their salads are top quality, and they pride themselves on tracking down the best local produce available. To make sure their menus are as fresh and local as possible, it changes depending on what's available from nearby farms, and what's in season. Their summer bundles are not to be missed! 

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Yolk serves the finest fast food in town - exceptional breakfasts, next-level sandwiches and much more. They pride themselves on working with the best local suppliers and obsessing over the details, to create top notch food and drink that'll brighten the dullest of work days. This bundle is one that everybody will love! 



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Zabardast offers something for everyone on their extensive menu. All their meals are family cooked, celebrating traditional Indian food that's full of rich colours, tastes and textures. The Zabardast menu features much-loved staple dishes, such as tikka, kofta and paneer, which all come with fragrant homemade sauces. All dishes also come with either pilau rice, salad or a tortilla/paratha wrap, so you can have a lunch that suits you to a T.

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Old Chang Kee

Singaporean street food is taken to the next level with Old Chang Kee's menu. It's a celebration of spices, but their food isn’t too hot. They use spices like turmeric, galangal, candlenut and chillies to strike the perfect balance of heat, flavour and fragrance. Top tip: When you're ordering from the Bundles menu, choose to get a curry puff! 

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Pali Kitchen 

The summer bundles at Pali Kitchen are packed full of mouth-watering, traditional Indian food bursting with aromatic flavours. With classics like charcoal grilled chicken thighs, and Indian wraps to healthy nourish bowls, all dishes are made with tasty ingredients and bold flavours. 

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