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London neighbourhood guide: Best lunch in Hackney

Discover the best lunches in Hackney and get them delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business. 

Hackney, Hackney, Hackney.

This edgy East London melting pot is home to throbbing chicken shops, Instagram-friendly brunch spots and a Tesco that's the size of a small village. But that's not all. Hackney also plays host to some of the most exciting restaurants and lunch places in the whole of London.  

From Hackney Central to Dalston to Stoke Newington and even the up-and-coming Hackney Wick, you'll never be short of lunch options in the borough of Hackney. So next time you're hungry in the office, here's the places you need to go for the best lunch in Hackney. And as a bonus, you can even skip the queues and order some of these Hackney restaurants straight to your office with Just Eat for Business.

Patty & Bun

- Lunch in Hackney - Patty & Bun

Sometimes you want a lunch that's light and refreshing. Sometimes you want a lunch that's a bit healthy. And sometimes - sometimes - you want a lunch that's an insane forearm-dripping burger. 

And that's where Patty & Bun come in. Situated in the Arthaus Building on Richmond Road, a short walk from London Fields, you'll find Patty & Bun serving some of the most incredible burgers in London. Whether you're after a pimped-up cheeseburger, a spicy chicken burger or even a tasty vegan burger, Patty & Bun have it all. 

And the best bit? Forget leaving the office for lunch. Let Just Eat for Business deliver Patty & Bun straight to your Hackney office instead.  

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Fanny's Kebabs 

Lunch in Hackney - Fanny's Kebabs

Ever wanted to eat a kebab in the office without getting called in to see HR? Well, Fanny's Kebabs have got you covered. 

Instead of guilt-inducing 2am boxes of doner meat, the short menu at Fanny's Kebabs is all about fun, fresh and fantastically tasty wraps. Get them filled with everything from chicken, lamb, halloumi or falafel and combine it all with chilli sauce, spiced yoghurt, pickles and crunchy slaw.

It's fast food that's pimped and perfect for your next lunch in Hackney. And if Stoke Newington High Street is a bit far from your office? At Just Eat for Business, we deliver Fanny's Kebabs straight to you. 

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Temple Of Hackney

lunch in Hackney - Temple Of Hackney

Widely regarded as the mother of all plant-based fast-food joints, Temple Of Hackney is the first vegan 'chicken shop' of its kind. And it's easily the best. 

Proving that vegan food doesn't have to be boring - or healthy - Temple Of Hackney use their genius seitan recipe, featuring spices and tofu, to serve crispy chicken wings, burgers and nuggets to the East London masses. 

So if you've made the the switch to plant-based eating, or you're just trying to cut down, you can still get your lunchtime junk food fix right here. Just head across the road from the big Tesco we mentioned earlier and enjoy this vegan food in all its wonderfully greasy glory. 

The Bread Station

Lunch in Hackney - The Bread Station

Hackney may be home to more bakeries than you can shake a rolling pin at, but that doesn't mean you can ever have too many. Especially when they're as good as The Bread Station

All of the baked goods here are yeast-free, using a rye and pre-water fermentation technique you'll find at every bakery in Denmark. And boy is it good. The Bread Station specialises in dark rye loaves, wholemeal boules and cinnamon buns. But it's their huge sandwiches that are the real highlight. 

Served with sumptuous sourdough or freshly-baked focaccia, this is so much better than your average supermarket sandwich fare. And guess what? Just Eat for Business deliver The Bread Station's sandwiches to your office. 

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- Lunch in Hackney - Marksman

Got something to celebrate? Catching up with old colleagues? Just can't get enough of a good sit-down lunch? Well, the Marksman on Hackney Road is where you need to be. 

An iconic gastropub that recently won Michelin's Pub of the Year award - the first London boozer to ever do so - the Marksman is all about high-calibre cooking you won't get anywhere else. From pies to roasts to sharers and desserts, whatever it is you opt for, this is some seriously delicious food.  

Voodoo Ray's

 Lunch in Hackney - Voodoo Ray's

 The atmosphere is impeccably hip. The portions are seriously gigantic. And the menu is downright wacky. Serving 22-inch New York-style pizzas from noon until the early hours, Voodoo Ray's is either already your favourite pizza joint, or it's about to be.

With some of the most creative and downright toppings at their Dalston restaurant, a couple of £4 slices from Voodoo Ray's is all you need to improve any lunch break. But if you want enough food to feed a whole family, or you've roped in a couple of hungry employees, we deliver all of Voodoo Ray's whole pizzas direct to your office. Easy.  

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Arancini Brothers

Lunch in Hackney - Arancini Brothers

What started as a tiny stall on Brick Lane almost 10 years ago has grown into an arancini-filled empire across London. And since trialling an all-vegan approach in their Old Street branch, Arancini Brothers have since rolled it out to their Dalston restaurant, too. 

The kings of vegan risotto balls, Arancini Brothers serve their hand-made creations in salad boxes, wraps and hot stew pots - all so delicious you definitely won't miss the meat next lunchtime. 

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Want to bring the best lunches in Hackney straight into your office? With our London corporate catering service you can.

At Just Eat for Business, we do food at work the right way. That means we deliver some of the best Hackney restaurants and beyond to your East London workplace. And all for the same price as going direct. 

So if you're ready to swap office food for good food, take a look at the restaurants we deliver in your area.