May 10, 2019 • Food3 min read

London neighbourhood guide: Best lunch in King's Cross

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Once upon a time, getting lunch at King's Cross used to mean grabbing a sad bite at the station before jumping on a train. But no more. 

This formerly unloved part of London is now home to a hotbed of restaurants that are perfect for your next lunch break. Whether it's the places around Granary Square or the hip little spots right around the station, there's something for every taste when it comes to lunch in King's Cross. 

And to prove it, here's our roundup of the absolute best lunch options around King's Cross.  

Piebury Corner

 Best lunch in King's Cross - Piebury Corner

With a charming backstory that involves pies being sold in a front garden, and then a match day stall for Arsenal fans, Piebury Corner is a restaurant that comes from humble beginnings but serves damn delicious grub. 

The menu here is all about - you guessed it - pies, and at just £7 for one the size of your head, with flavours ranging from minced beef and onion to jerk chicken in porter gravy, it's safe to say this is one of the most filling and best lunches in King's Cross. And if you can't make it out the office, you can even get Piebury Corner delivered to your offie with Just Eat for Business. Sorted.

Honest Burgers

 Lunch in King's Cross - Honest Burgers

When it comes to talking about the best lunch in King's Cross, it's a little bit impossible to ignore Honest Burgers. 

And on those days when you want a lunch that's the complete opposite of healthy, Honest Burgers have got you covered. So head down Pentonville Road and you'll find Honest Burgers serving some of the tastiest burgers in London. 

Get your mouth around the Tribute burger and you'll understand why we consider this one of the best lunches in King's Cross in no time at all. 


Lunch in King's Cross - Leon

An example of great places hiding in plain sight, the LEON at King's Cross needs to be on your lunch list. 

Serving naturally nutritious fast food that does good and tastes good, LEON is guaranteed to leave you satisfied at lunchtime. Next time you're there, make sure you order the Chargrilled Chicken Aioli. The chicken is tender and juicy. A bed of fluffy rice works great with the crunchy coleslaw. And it’s all covered in Leon’s infamous garlic aioli.

The Chargrilled Chicken Aioli is a winner, and proof that LEON is a great option for lunch in King's Cross. So good in fact, that we let you order loads of LEON's menu straight to your office with us.



Sometimes you fancy something completely satisfying for lunch. Sometimes you're in the mood for something spicy. And sometimes you just need to eat something larger than your head. 

And luckily, the Mexican food at Tortilla has it all covered. Featuring tasty toppings made from fresh ingredients, Tortilla might just be one of the best burrito places in the whole of London. 

So next time you're looking for lunch in King's Cross, you can't go wrong in unwrapping your own little piece of Mexico. 



Indian dining sensation Dishoom now has a few locations in the capital, and the one in King's Cross is as good as any. 

Serving an incredible menu loosely-based on Irani café food with biryanis, naan rolls and one of the most incredible black daal's - a thick lentil dish cooked for a staggering 24 hours - this side of Mumbai.

So it's probably a bit unsurprising, with food this good, that Dishoom sees long queues in the evening, which is more of a reason to taste one of the best restaurants in Kings Cross on your lunch break instead. 



If picking up a quick bite from a street-food vendor seems like your idea of a tasty lunchtime, you need to head to Granary Square on your next lunch break. 

Hosting at least nine of the best street food stalls every weekday, including Burger & Beyond, Greedy Khao and Kimchinary, KERB is the perfect way to try some of the top food in the city. The motto of KERB is 'making cities taste better' - and it's safe to say they're on the right track.



Mildreds has been serving vegetarian comfort food since 1988 when it opened on the then-edgy Greek Street. Today, it has locations in Camden, Dalston and of course, King's Cross. 

Brave the queue for a lunch in King's Cross that'll get the vegetarian juices flowing with bites like gyoza dumplings, char-grilled artichoke crostini and chickpeas with Persian limes. And take if from us, you really won’t mind queueing for good stuff like this.

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