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London neighbourhood guide: Where to eat in London Bridge

We've rounded up the very best places to eat around London Bridge. Get these restaurants delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business. 

The areas around busy stations can sometimes be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to food. And it's no different with London Bridge. 

But in the midst of tourist traps and busy commuters, there are some great places to eat around London Bridge. So whether you work in an office in the area or you're checking it out for the first time, we've rounded up the best places to eat in London Bridge. 

And if you like some of these options, you can even get them delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business - the UK's leading office catering platform. 



Whether you’re a raw fish fanatic, an umami enthusiast or just fancy a rice bowl because, well - Friday - there aren't many better London Bridge lunch options than the Itsu.

From sushi boxes to salads to rice bowls and even vegan options, there's so much choice on the Itsu menu that you're guaranteed to never get tired of the same boring lunch ever again. But if the Itsu in London Bridge is too far a walk from your office? At Just Eat for Business, we can deliver Itsu direct to your office for lunch. Isn't that handy? 


leon food

An example of great places hiding in plain sight, the LEON across the road from London Bridge needs to be on your lunch list. 

Serving naturally nutritious fast food that does good and tastes good, LEON is guaranteed to leave you satisfied at lunchtime. Next time you're there, make sure you order the Chargrilled Chicken Aioli. The chicken is tender and juicy. A bed of fluffy rice works great with the crunchy coleslaw. And it’s all covered in Leon’s infamous garlic aioli.

The Chargrilled Chicken Aioli is a winner, and proof that LEON is a great option for lunch in London Bridge. So good in fact, that we let you order loads of LEON's menu straight to your office with us.

Pizza Pilgrims

pizza pilgrims6

If you're looking to let loose at lunchtime, you need to know about Pizza Pilgrims at London Bridge.  

Situated right next to the station, the dough at Pizza Pilgrims is slow-proved for 28 hours then cooked hot and fast so you can be tucking into your pizza less than a minute after you order. Known for the Neapolitan style pizza, and delivering a short menu with big crusts and even bigger flavours, it's almost like Pizza Pilgrims was made for a quick lunch in London Bridge.

Patty & Bun 

smokey robinson patty and bun

A healthy lunch around London Bridge isn't too hard to come by - but on those days where you need something that's the complete opposite of healthy - Patty & Bun have got you covered. 

Head to Borough High Street and you'll find Patty & Bun serving some of the most incredible burgers in London. So whether you're after a pimped-up cheeseburger, a spicy chicken burger or even a tasty vegan burger, Patty & Bun are about to make your next lunch in London Bridge completely delicious. 

And the best bit? Forget leaving the office for lunch. Let Just Eat for Business deliver Patty & Bun straight to your London Bridge office instead.  


 Fitzrovia Guide - Wrapchic

For something slightly different on your walk through the area, pay yourself a visit to Wrapchic. With a desire to modernise Indian food for fast-paced cities like London, this London Bridge spot is really shaking up the Indian takeaway scene with their 'grab-and-go' format.

With fusion dishes like Naan wraps filled with chicken-tikka, hummus and sour cream, and Mexican twists like burritos filled with spiced meat, beans, salsa and chilli-chutney, you'll wonder how no one thought of these combos sooner. 

Tempted by the sounds of these dishes at work? You can get Wrapchic delivered direct to your office for lunch, thanks to Just Eat for Business. 


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