October 26, 2023 • Food5 min read

New Restaurant Partners for Autumn 2023 | Just Eat for Business

Say goodbye to lunchtime boredom - these restaurant partners have got mouthwatering menus that the whole team will love!

We're thrilled to introduce the latest additions to our platform! We've got a lineup of fantastic new restaurant partners who are sure to excite those tastebuds. 

First up is a familiar face - we're giving a warm welcome (back!) to Eat Activ, who are THE go-to place for delicious and gut-friendly office lunches. Their dishes focus on incorporating pre- and probiotics, as well as live active cultures, into their food, with the goal of making you feel revitalized, focused and ready to face the rest of the day! 

Flying across the other side of the world, say hello to Filipino restaurant Kasa & Kin! Offering contemporary Filipino flavours and dishes we all know and love, these will be a firm favourite of your teams in no time. Cafe Below also tick the boxes when it comes to providing a wide variety of food - from comforting vegan curries to Mediterranean grilled meats, to British crumble and custard - they have it all! 

Next up, which team doesn't love pizza?! PizzaExpress is a tried and true UK favourite, with their iconic Dough Balls and classic pizzas being made here since 1965! They're a great option to go for if you fancy a team lunch, some meeting snacks or something quick and easy to see you through the afternoon.

Joe & The Juice have also landed at Just Eat for Business -  a truly ICONIC addition - we can't wait for a Prince of Green juice and a Tunacado sandwich! Plus, for an extra little bit of health, head over to Green Shoots for more salads than you can shake a stick at.