March 3, 2020 • Workplace3 min read

How to spring clean your office to boost your mood

Still got Christmas decs hanging up in random corners, or league tables from the last FIFA World Cup? It's time to spring clean your office and declutter your workspace!

Is your workspace in need of a clean up? Having a clutter-free office goes a long way to boost your mood, productivity and overall functionality, and therefore makes even the most difficult of work days more manageable. We know that offices are busy places, but it's important to find a time when everyone can get stuck in together to make the office a better place. Think of it as a team bonding exercise and check out our top tips below! 

Clear out the calendar


Find an afternoon when everyone is free to do the spring clean. Make sure clients aren't visiting and that no meetings get scheduled during this time – no excuses allowed! Get some music playing and you're ready to start!

Start with your own workspace

Cleaning the whole office may seem overwhelming, so start with your own desk first! Throw out any old documents and sort out desk drawers (watch out for any long-forgotten food!). Untangle cables and replenish any stationary that's no longer working. Now it's time to get scrubbing! Use a microfibre cloth to dust down your desk, chair, phones, keyboards and screens, then follow up with sanitising spray. A compressed air dusters is perfect for cleaning keyboards and computer vents! Organise documents and books back into drawers and shelves, and perhaps invest in a drawer organiser and pen pots to keep everything tidy!

Computer clean-up


Got some computer updates that are well overdue? It's time to finally get them out of the way while you're offline cleaning. Updating your systems will make your computer run faster and more efficiently, so it's a win win! Clear your cache, sort out your drive and uninstall any applications that you're no longer using. To really get ahead of the game, tackle your Inbox and organise all of your emails into categories and folders to making finding that invoice so much easier. It's also a great time to back up all of your files to external hard drives!

Put an end to cupboard chaos

Every office has a cupboard of doom, overflowing with everything from Halloween costumes to mysterious unclaimed Tupperware. Empty all of the contents into a communal area and ask your team to take home anything that belongs to them. The rest can be donated or recycled, or simply thrown away! Once clean, you can find a new purpose for all of this extra space. Whether you crown it the new snack cupboard or use it to store your coats, it's definitely going to declutter the office!

Get stuck in to the kitchen


Leftover lunches and long-forgotten fruit lingering at the back of your office fridge? It's time to say goodbye! Before the clean, ask your team to label any food that belongs to them and to throw away anything they no longer want. Whatever remains can be thrown away and recycled where possible, freeing up loads of space. Set up calendar reminders on Fridays to empty out the fridges so there will be no gruesome smells come Monday! Empty the cupboard and clean all surfaces and appliances, not forgetting the inside of the microwave! Finally, get rid of any broken plates, glasses and bowls. 

Green and clean

desk plantRepot and prune your office plants to get rid of any dead leaves. If you don't have any greenery in your office, why not invest in some? Bringing a little of the outdoors inside adds so much needed colour and freshness to typically stuffy offices, promoting a happier, healthier workspace! We've got lots of plants here at the Just Eat for Business office, from cute cacti to flowing trellis.


Say bye to blandness and create a more positive workspace throughout the office with a refreshing new decor, from exciting wall art to colourful breakout spaces. Once everything is clean and tidy, get together with the office manager and brainstorm easy ways to make better use of plain walls and empty spaces. Find out if you have any budding artists amongst your team who could create some great wall art, or showcase your team's best work in frames and posters around the room!


homeslice pizza

The spring clean is done. The office is sparkling. Everyone got stuck in and it's looking great. Why not reward your hard work with a delicious team lunch? We love a pizza feast from Homeslice, or why not try a tasty pop-up from Bun. Co? At Just Eat for Business, we have everything from buffets to pop-ups to individual portions, meaning there's so many ways to reward your team and enjoy better food at work. What's more, we'll get it delivered direct to your sparkling clean office, meaning all you have to do is decide what you're craving!

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