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London's best vegan pizzas you need to try

Pizza is still on the menu if you're vegan and we've found the city's best options, delivered right to your desk with Just Eat for Business.

Is there a food that carries more significant memories than a slice of pizza? 

Pizza is the food of 'just moved in.' The food of 'just broke up.' The food of 'just about made it to Friday.' And now, thanks to London's blooming plant-based food scene, pizza is now even the food of 'just became vegan'. 

That's right - more and more pizzerias in London are ditching the cheese and putting pizza back on the menu for vegans across the city. So whether you're vegan through and through, trying it out for Veganuary or just don't mind going cheese-less every now and again, these are the best vegan pizzas in London, delivered with Just Eat for Business.

Voodoo Ray's

Best vegan pizza in London

Easily the coolest pizza place in London, Voodoo Ray's have stuck with their tried-and-tested method of downright outrageous flavours sitting atop seriously gigantic pizzas for their take on a vegan pizza. And take it from us, it's completely delicious.

The Queen Vegan, 22-inches of dough topped with artichoke hearts, green olives, tomato sauce and basil pesto is  soft, chewy, and with a slice that's the perfect size for folding, the go-to pizza for vegans on the run. 

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- Best vegan pizza in London

Homeslice is your not standard pizza place. The menu here features the kind of toppings that wouldn't get a green light in Naples, but that doesn't mean it's not some of the best pizza in London. Think aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach, and harissa. Chorizo, corn and coriander. Spiced lamb with savoy cabbage. And it's the same story for their vegan pizza. 

With outlandish ingredients like kimchi, porcini cream and basil adorning their 20-inch vegan pizza, Homeslice are proof that vegan pizza is anything but boring. We'll order 6.

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Pizza Pilgrims

Best vegan pizza in London

With seven branches around London, Pizza Pilgrims founders James and Thom Eliot have well and truly completed the transition from street food stars to restaurateurs. The secret probably lies in their incredible dough - slow-proved for 28 hours then cooked hot and fast - which keeps options simple but tasty. And things don't get much simpler, or tastier, than Pizza Pilgrims' vegan pizza. 

Using their famous dough, The Marinara is topped with rich tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, basil and oregano. Which may sound too simple for some, but at just £6 for an entire pizza, it's the perfect way to get vegan pizza delivered to your office on a budget, with Just Eat for Business. 

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 Best vegan pizza in London

If you find the type of pizza that just removes the cheese and calls itself vegan a bit uninspiring, Firezza have got you covered. Their vegan pizza, featuring fresh basil, no-dairy mozzarella-style cheese and sweet red peppers is already a pizza-lovers dream, but the toppings don't finish there. 

The Vegano Chorizo from Firezza is finished off with plenty of - you guessed it - vegan chorizo. Salty, spicy and with a texture that's so similar to the real thing you'll think it's actually meat, this vegan pizza makes Veganuary a lot more delicious. 

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 Best vegan pizza in London

The pizza menu at Basilico is simple, but that's all part of the point. Combining the traditional Italian method of preparation with only the freshest ingredients, every bite at Basilico is a Mediterranean dream. 

And that's especially true of their vegan margherita pizza. With homemade pizza sauce, vegan cheese and chopped fresh tomato adorning Basilico's signature thin crust, you need to taste this to believe how good it is. 

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Desperate to be trying one of these vegan pizzas right now? We at Just Eat for Business can deliver every last one of these vegan pizzas to your London office, all for the same price as going direct. London office catering made easy. And if you want to see what other vegan options we can deliver to you? Well, just take a look...

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