August 14, 2023 • Workplace5 min read

Virtual Just Eat Pay Cards have arrived! | Just Eat for Business

Just Eat Pay, the flexible employee benefits solution, now includes the option to have virtual Just Eat Pay cards.

We’re excited to announce that Just Eat Pay, the flexible employee benefits solution, now includes the option to have virtual Just Eat Pay cards! 

Designed for a hybrid workforce, a virtual Just Eat Pay card allows companies to provide parity of benefits to their teams wherever they're working. It's a fully flexible solution, meaning that you can add it to your Apple Wallet/Google Wallet and order food and drinks on the go from a wide variety of restaurants and eateries.

The virtual card is perfect for companies with employees in many different locations, as it instantly allows team members to access their balance after they add it to their digital wallets.

Scroll down to find out more about the benefits of virtual cards.

What is a virtual Just Eat Pay card?

Virtual Just Eat Pay cards are issued immediately and can be stored on the user's phone. Employees will be able to access their virtual card details through the JET Pay hub, add it to their digital wallets and pay seamlessly in-store. Employees will either have a virtual or a physical card, not both.

What are the key benefits of virtual Just Eat Pay cards?

    1. 1. Sustainability: Virtual cards are more environment friendly, as issuing them uses no plastic, or extra shipping/ envelopes to send them in. 

    1. 2. Flexibility: Admins can issue virtual cards to team members regardless of where they’re located, and the card is immediately available for use after issue.

    1. 3. Speed: The physical Just Eat Pay card can take up to a few weeks to arrive from the point the admin issues it to the employee - with the virtual card, team members don’t have to wait around or make their way into the office to get the card. 

    1. 4. Ease of use: After adding the virtual card to their digital wallet, team members can use the card in food and drink outlets to pay via contactless in-store at any time, as well as on the Just Eat UK platform, with no PIN code required (and no worries about forgetting the card at home!)

What’s the difference between a digital Just Eat Pay card and a virtual Just Eat Pay card? 

A digital card is a copy of your physical card that’s stored on your phone, whereas the virtual card has no physical entity and is stored on your phone to pay via contactless in stores or online. Unlike the digital cards, virtual cards have their own unique card number, expiry date and CVC. 

How does it work as a new customer? 

After signing up for Just Eat Pay, admins can choose the company’s default card type (physical or virtual). Everyone will then have the selected card type by default. However, admins will also be able to choose certain users to be an 'exception', which gives flexibility to both admins and users when it comes to the type of card they want to use. Users will be able to use their virtual cards by adding them to their digital wallet and paying contactless in store. 

How does it work as an existing customer? 

Existing Just Eat Pay customers will be able to issue virtual cards for new employees, or replace physical cards with virtual cards when they expire, or if they get lost.

How do I set up my virtual Just Eat Pay card? 

First, admins will need to issue the card to users. Then, users will receive an email to say that they've been issued a virtual card.

Once the employee has received the activation email, they can log into their Just Eat account via their app to view their virtual card details on the JET Pay hub by clicking on the “Add to digital wallet” section on the menu.

After doing this, team members can then manually copy the card details into their digital wallet app on their phone, and add the card to their digital wallet (i.e. Google or Apple wallet).

    1. If you’re interested in virtual Just Eat Pay cards, click here for more information.