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10 lunches to look forward to when your office reopens

As we come out of lockdown and offices start to reopen, we're excited to eat lots of tasty team lunches once more! So, take a look at what's on the menu and start planning your next office lunch today.

Are you and your colleagues heading back to the office soon? Help calm those first-day-back jitters with a tasty lunch that says 'welcome back, team!' in the best way possible. From juicy burgers to nutritious salad bowls, warming ramen to refreshing sushi boxes - at Just Eat for Business, we've got delicious food that everyone in the office can enjoy!

So, whether you need to cater to vegans or have plenty of no-gluten meals to hand, we're here to help. With our easy-to-use office food delivery service, you and the rest of the team will be enjoying a tasty meal back in the office in no time. And most importantly, it's all COVID-safe with contact-free delivery to your office door and individually packaged meals to ensure minimum contact. With Just Eat for Business and our 600+ vendor partners at your fingertips, your next socially distanced team lunch will be everything you hoped for and more. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out some of our office food favourites, delivered directly to your workplace from the best restaurants in town:

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Chicken burger, fries and a milkshake in a cardboard takeaway container

Whether it's a Friday treat or a mid-week lunch, Gourmet Burger Kitchen certainly delivers. And what better way to celebrate being back in the office than with mouth-watering burgers, skin-on fries and oh-so-tasty milkshakes?

Choose meals on behalf of your colleagues or let them decide what to order with our Individual Choice feature. We love the Classic Chicken Panko burger paired with sweet potato fries and a double Belgian chocolate milkshake to finish! For those who don't eat meat, there's a pan-fried bean patty or a more meaty alternative made with Beyond Meat.

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Bone Daddies

Chopsticks picking up a piece of pork in a ramen dish

If your colleagues are a little nervous about returning to the office, why not order some comforting ramen dishes from Bone Daddies for lunch to ease them back in? There's nothing like a warming broth filled with noodles and tasty toppings to start your working week the right way.

The Tonkostu Ramen is sure to go down a treat with its pork belly, beansprouts and Clarence Court egg. Or how about the Mushroom Ramen for a veggie feast? And there's not just ramen on the menu - you'll find plenty of other jaw-droppingly tasty dishes too, like crispy duck bao buns and raw salmon poke. First lunch back in the office = sorted!

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Burger & Lobster

Burger and Lobster roll in a branded takeaway container

Welcome back your teams to the office in style with a fancy lunch from Burger & Lobster. Get a whole wild fresh Atlantic lobster with lemon and garlic butter or try one of the seafood rolls. Stuffed with lobster, prawn, or halloumi and served in a signature brioche roll, these aren't your typical office sandwiches.

And to make your back-to-the-office feast even more decadent, be sure to top it off with a slice of rich chocolate torte. Enjoy!

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Ingredients in a wrap

Zabardast creates delicious, freshly made Indian dishes that your colleagues will love! For an office lunch that will keep your teams fuelled well into the afternoon, order the large Paratha wraps, which are filled with proteins like chicken tikka or lamb kebab and mixed with traditional spices to create a delightful burst of flavour.

There's also a delicious range of biryani and curry dishes, as well as salads and sides to munch on throughout the day. Wash it all down with a refreshing mango lassi drink!

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Eat Activ

Open wrap with grilled chicken

Give your teams a healthy start as they head back to the office with lunch provided by Eat Activ. With a focus on cultured, fermented and activated ingredients, Eat Activ aims to make fast food healthy. So, whether it's a wrap, salad or open sourdough sandwich that your colleagues fancy, Eat Activ is a top contender.

With plenty of vegan, veggie, and no-gluten options, Eat Activ makes catering to tricky dietary needs easy. The Activ Superfood salad, for instance, is no-gluten and suitable for vegans. It's packed with nutritious ingredients like quinoa and buckwheat, kale, avocado and even a live cider vinaigrette.

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Pizza Pilgrims

White pizza with mushrooms on top of two branded pizza boxes

Pizza is a classic office lunch favourite - and Pizza Pilgrims is one of the best out there. Whether your colleagues like to keep it simple with a Margherita or opt for something with a little more zing, like the double pepperoni and spicy honey pizza, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And in the days of social distancing, you don't even need to worry about sharing your tasty slices of dough, because each pizza is made and packaged for one!

Don't forget to order a 'crust dipper' or two to take your pizza-eating to the next level. There's the pesto aioli dipper, the nduja dipper, and the truffle dipper too. But if you can't choose between them, you don't have to - simply order a bundle of all three instead!

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Atcha food bowl on a grey surface

Atcha is home to delicious South Asian flavours, brought together to create nutritious food to go: from breakfast pots to rice bowls, salads to sandwiches. There are plenty of mouth-watering options for meat-lovers and vegans alike. The 'No-butter chicken' takes a tasty twist on the classic, while the Cauli Sarnie will be a favourite among the veggies and vegans of your office.

With our Individual Choice feature, your colleagues can even build their own rice bowl to their taste! And there are a bunch of sides to keep even the hungriest of team members satisfied.

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sushi in a box

Wasabi is made for busy office workers on the go, and while many have been working from home this past year, you've probably missed the trays of colourful sushi. Well, now you're back in the office, it's time to get those sushi and bento boxes ordered once more!

Choose between hot bento like katsu curry and rice for something a little more hearty or the sushi sets for a refreshing lunchtime meal. Feel like a dessert? Why not try a delicious strawberry cheesecake or chocolate mochi to satisfy your sweet tooth?

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Honest Burger

beef burger and chips in a bowl

Burgers are an office lunch staple, so that's why we've got not one but two burger restaurants on this list. And Honest Burgers is one of our favourites! Famous for their British beef patties and homemade rosemary chips, there's no better way to say 'welcome back!' to your teams than this.

And with a range of no-gluten and vegan burgers, the whole team can enjoy!

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Old Chang Kee

Curry puff on a plate

If you love Singaporean food, which is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malay, and a variety of other cuisines, you have to try Old Chang Kee! The curry puffs are not to be missed. Think buttery pastry filled with meat, potatoes and aromatic curry spices. Delish!

If your colleagues are craving something a little lighter, there's the laksa, which includes rice noodles, prawns, bean sprouts, tofu and a boiled egg. You can get it in a light curry broth or stir-fried with curry spices.

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