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7 easy steps to help you plan a safe in-person team meet-up

It's probably been a long time since you've seen your teammates in person, and a much-needed catch-up is well overdue. Luckily, with restrictions easing, meeting up in person is a possibility once more! So, here are seven easy steps to help you plan a team gathering that keeps everyone happy (and safe).

For the past year, many employees have been working from home full time. That means only seeing their colleagues through a screen or talking to them via phone or Slack. And while we've adapted to this new way of socialising with our co-workers, nothing beats the real thing. Luckily, with lockdown restrictions easing, in-person team meet-ups have become a possibility once more!

So, if you're considering hosting one, be sure to read on to discover seven steps to help you organise a fun (and safe) in-person team meet-up:

1. Stick to the rules

Always be sure to stick to government guidelines about meet-ups and social distancing. It may mean breaking up your team into smaller groups so you can socialise or only meeting up outdoors. Remember that the rules differ depending on where you are in the UK, and are continually subject to change.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't join the meet-up if you're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, or are required to self-isolate.

2. Rain check

Meeting up outside has its downsides - and that's because we're at the mercy of the Great British weather, which as we know can be really eclectic. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan your picnic or outdoor meet-up for a day with little chance of rain. On the day, check again and take a (literal) rain check if needs be.

Top tip: bring plenty of layers and an umbrella, so you're always one step ahead!

3. Meet each other in the middle

To keep things fair for everyone, choose a meet-up location that's roughly equal travelling distance for everyone. If you're in London, make sure your meet-up spot is near a tube or train station or there's plenty of parking nearby.

Now to pick your venue. Depending on governement rules at the time you may be able to meet indoors, but your teammates may feel safer meeting outside. So, why not organise a picnic meet-up to enjoy the fresh air and some tasty food with your team?

Remember that some people may not feel comfortable meeting up in person yet, even if outside, so it's always best to be flexible. If that's the case, bring along a laptop or phone and fire up Zoom for a hybrid approach to your catch-up.

4. Keep your distance

Even if government rules allow for meet-ups, inside or outside, it's always safest to try and keep your distance as much as you can and wear masks where appropriate. Avoid handshakes and hugs - even if you've not seen your colleagues in ages - and opt for a socially distanced wave instead! 👋

5. Bring some tasty food

Box filled with snacks, fruit, and juice

In a world where contact-free has become the norm, there's less of an emphasis on pick-and-choose platters and more on individually packaged meals. So, if you're planning a picnic or garden meet-up, it's best to bring single portions of food for each attendee.

That's where we can help! Our Pantry Packages are perfect for small in-person meet-ups. They can be delivered to your colleagues' houses for them to bring themselves, or we can deliver them to one person to distribute at your meet-up.

From picnic hampers to sweet treats, drinks boxes to single-serve platters, our Pantry Packages are the perfect addition to your small gathering.

Get in touch with your Account Manager or email to order.

Alternatively, if you're meeting up near the office, you could use our office delivery service instead. Take a look at what's available here.

6. Talk shop

Write a quick agenda before your meet-up so you can tick off all the business-related things you need to talk about when you get there.

Meeting up in person gives you a great opportunity to talk about long-term goals for your team or do some creative brainstorming for an upcoming project.

7. Have a good catch-up

Once you've gone through the agenda, now's time for the fun bit! You've likely not seen each other - aside from through a screen - for ages, so there'll be lots of chit-chat to be had over your pre-packed lunch. Perhaps you've not even met some of your team members before if you or they joined the company remotely, so this is a great opportunity to get to know them better, in a more natural way.

If the conversation's not flowing as well as you'd like, then try a couple of these icebreaker questions. Because, let's be honest 12 months of staying home doesn't do wonders for your social skills!

- What's been the most positive experience you've had throughout the last year?

- What's your go-to lockdown meal? Do you have a favourite takeaway order?

- Have you picked up any new hobbies over the last 12 months?

- What has the past year taught you about yourself?

Good luck and enjoy!

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