July 3, 2019 • Food3 min read

Just Eat for Business's 10 most ordered meals in June

We delved into the data to find the ten most-ordered meals from the Just Eat for Business website. 

When it comes to ordering food into the office, do you constantly mix it up or stick with what you know? Is every order a new discovery or is there that classic dish you just can't get enough of? 

Well, to help you out and give you some much-needed inspiration for your next office delivery, we've delved into June's data to find the ten most-ordered items from the Just Eat for Business website, so you can see what offices like yours are getting delivered into their workplace. 

Rainbow Bagels from The Breakfast Company 

Rainbow Bagels - The Breakfast Company

June was Pride month - a time of year where we celebrate the impact, contributions and diversity of the LGBTQ+ communities. So with that in mind, it's no surprise that The Breakfast Company's epic rainbow bagels received so many office orders this month. 

The most popular Pride treat on our entire website, these rainbow bagels are only available until Sunday 7th July if you want to get those last-minute orders in. 

Margherita pizza from Homeslice

homeslice gif 6

We all love trying new dishes and giving the latest food trends a go - but sometimes you can't beat the classics. 

And despite the Homeslice menu featuring pizzas with some crazy combinations, it's Homeslice's traditional Margherita pizza that's one of the most ordered dishes from the Just Eat for Business website. And with the softest dough, fresh but not overly-sweet tomato sauce, mounds of mozzarella plus basil and oregano, we completely understand why offices around London order this Margherita again and again. 

Skewer Buffet from Spier's Salads

Skewer Buffet - Spier's Salads

When it comes to office catering, buffets are always going to be a popular option. 

They encourage offices to mingle, happen to be great for covering all dietaries, provide heaps of variety and when the food's as good as the Skewer Buffet from Spier's Salads - they're also delicious too. 

Want to taste what all the fuss is about? You can get all of Spier's Salads food delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business.

Aioli Chicken from Leon 

 Aioli Chicken - Leon

If you're ordering from Leon to your office, you've already made a good decision. But if you order Leon's chargrilled Aioli Chicken to your office? You've made a great decision. 

The chicken is tender and juicy. A bed of fluffy rice works great with the crunchy coleslaw. And it’s all covered in Leon’s infamous garlic aioli. The Aioli Chicken from Leon is one of the most ordered meals on our website every single month - and it's easy to taste why. 

Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey from Pizza Pilgrims

Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey - Pizza Pilgrims

It might be new on the Pizza Pilgrims' menu, but their newest pizza is still one of the most popular meals on theJust Eat for Business website. 

Pizza Pilgrims' take on the classic pepperoni pizza, their Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey features two different types of pepperoni and is finished off with a big drizzle of spicy honey to give it a smokey sweet kick once it's out the oven. So many people ordered this pizza last month, and we're not sure they ordered to share either. 

Luxury Chilli Buffet from Crumble

Luxury Chilli Buffet - Crumble

Specialising in flavour-filled, nourishing food guaranteed to keep you going until home time, Crumble are one of our favourite London caterers on the Just Eat for Business platform.

So it's not a shock to see their Luxury Chilli Buffet rank so highly on this list. A rich meat or veggie chilli, served with basmati rice and all the trimmings including guacamole, sour cream and cheese. Perfectly spicy, this is a buffet that's been tingling the tastebuds of offices in London all month long in June. 

Chicken Souvlaki from The Athenian

Chicken Souvlaki - The Athenian

With the official start of summer in June, Just Eat for Business customers started bringing their summer holiday's into the office thanks to The Athenian and their tastes of Greece. 

The traditional chicken souvlaki from The Athenian - a soft flatbread stuffed with tender meats, zesty sauces and rosemary chips - seems to be a big favourite amongst the East London masses. And if you think it might be your office's favourite lunch? You can forget about braving the lunch rush to get a taste of this souvlaki. Just Eat for Business deliver The Athenian straight to your Shoreditch office instead. Sorted.   

Soho Baguettes from Pod

Soho Baguettes - Pod

Poke and sushi might be trendier options at lunchtime, but sometimes you can't beat a freshly made sandwich. Especially when there's forty of them.

With perfectly-baked baguettes, featuring a range of fillings like chicken and bacon or mozzarella and tomato, the Soho Baguettes from Pod were the most popular sandwiches on the Just Eat for Business website in June.  

Arriving in platters fit for six people, the Soho Baguettes platter is great value for money at just £4 per person! 

Breakfast Box from Gail's Bakery

Large Breakfast Box - Gail's Bakery

Searching for a great breakfast for a meeting? Look no further than Gail's Bakery. 

And that's exactly what plenty of our customers did in June as Gail's Bakery's Breakfast Box was the most popular breakfast order by far. Featuring an assorted range of croissants, pain au chocolates plus fruit and salad pots for just £4 per person, this is the easiest way to impress any client or get your office talking. 

And you can see just what we mean by ordering this breakfast box from Gail's to your office with Just Eat for Business. 

The Moo from Pieminister

 The Moo - Pieminister

The winter months may be long behind us, but that doesn't mean offices around London are giving up on hearty, filling pies just yet. 

Just Eat for Business customers went completely wild for the Moo pie from Pieminister in June. A trusted classic, the Moo is a steak and ale pie with the most incredible pastry and filled with a wholesome gravy that turns the whole experience from good into great. 

Indulge with an order of Pieminister pies with Just Eat for Business, right to your office. No stress, no mess!

Did your favourite Just Eat for Business meal make the list? Or did you find a new possible favourite? 

At Just Eat for Business, we deliver all these meals to your office and so much more. So if you want to start doing food at work the right way, take a look at the food options near your office.